Lakehead University COVID-19 Transition Committee

As the Ontario Government begins to gradually allow businesses and organizations to return to limited operations, and eases some restrictions that have been in place to address COVID-19, our Lakehead University COVID-19 Transition Committee is meeting regularly in order to plan the gradual restoration operations at both our Thunder Bay & Orillia campus locations.

The primary goal of a return to campus plan will be to ensure it promotes a safe and healthy work and learning environment. While much of how and when we bring students, staff and faculty back to campus will be directed by the Government of Ontario, our plan will need to be flexible and will take into consideration, where reasonable, the needs and circumstances of students, staff and faculty.

The Lakehead University COVID-19 Transition Committee assigns and oversees the activities of the following Working Groups:

Lakehead University COVID-19 Transition Committee members

Kathy Pozihun, VP Administration & Finance (co-chair)
Dr. David Barnett, Provost and VP Academic (co-chair)
Dr. Andrew Dean, VP Research & Innovation
Dr. Dean Jobin-Bevans, Principal, Orillia Campus
James Aldridge, Vice-Provost International
Aimee Jaun, Associate Vice-Provost, Students
Shannon Foster, Director, Residence Services
Lorne Clifford, Director, Security Services
Toby Goodfellow, Chief of Staff
Christine Costa-Wilson, Director, Food and Conference Services
Andrea Tarsitano, Vice-Provost, Students
Adam Shaen, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources
Hugh Briggs, Director, Physical Plant
Tom Warden, Director, Athletics
Frank Cappadocia, Associate Vice-President, Orillia
Dr. Jason Zou, Interim University Librarian/Digital Initiatives Librarian
Andrew Brigham, Director, TSC

* For information about, or questions for, any of the above Working Groups, please click its link and email them at the address provided.