I have recently retired from Lakehead University and am no longer taking new graduate students.


Previous Primary Supervisions Completed:

Badesha, Simranpreet (MA Sociology, Specialization in Women's Studies) "Identity in a Love Marriage? Exploring the Consequences of South Asian Women's Choice to Partake in Inter-racial/Inter-cultural Relationships." T (2015)

Arruda, Jeff (MA Sociology) "(In)Authenticity and Symbolic Domination: the Case of the Female Boxer" R (2013)

Cameron, Heather (MA Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies), “Unassisted Childbirth” T (2013) 

Reimer, Karl (M.A. Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies), “Men’s Experiences of Vasectomy.” R (2012) 

Badio, Sandrine (M.A. Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies), “The Millenium Development Goals and Women's Reproductive Health in Africa: The Case of Botswana." R (2011) 

Fuchs, Julia (MPH, Health Studies) “Breast Cancer in Rural Communities.” R (2010) 

Gauld, Tara, (Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies) “The Infant Feeding Experiences of Urban Aboriginal Mothers: Implications for Universal Breastfeeding Policy.” T (2009) 

Sullivan, Heather, (MPH, Health Studies) “Through Gendered Lenses: Exploring Seniors’ Use of Photovoice to Document Health Barriers and Supports in Northwestern Ontario.” T (2009) 

Mansaray, Ahmeda (MPH, Health Studies) “Girl-Child Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Issue in Accra, Ghana,” (co-supervision with S.D. Stone) T (2008) 

Mayer, Daphne (MPH, Health Studies; OTC Type II Diploma in Health Service and Policy Research) “A qualitative content analysis of the representations of health, income and income distribution in the Canadian press” (Thesis completed 2008; OTC Diploma 2009).T

Chopra, Meggi, (M.A. Sociology) “Sandwiched Minorities: A South Asian Case Study in Toronto” R (2008) 

Adore, Obed Komla (MPH, Health Studies) “Factors Influencing Health Care Services Utilization Among Members of the Ghanaian Community of Toronto: A Preliminary Study ” R (2007) 

Brochie, Karli (M.A. Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies) “Industrial Restructuring in Resource Dependent Communities: The Impact on Women” R (2007)

Ross, Stephanie (M.A. Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies) “Fanning the Flames? Negotiating Gendered Identity in Forest Fire Suppression” T (2006) 

Nair, Sasikila (M.A. Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies) “Negotiating Healthy Sexuality: Factors Affecting Dual Contraceptive Use by Female University Students in Northern Ontario” T (2006) 

Nwosi, Ngozi,(M.A.Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies) “Women’s Experiences of Violence in the Nigerian-Canadian Community” (co-supervision with R. Ariss) R (2005) 

Maxwell, Dionne (M.A.Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies) “Your Bride is in the Mail: Representations of Asian Women on Mail Order Bride Web Sites.” R (2004)

Donkor, Fidelia (M.A. Sociology) “An Exploration of the Meaning of Menopause for Ghanaian- Canadian Women.” T (2003)

Parker, Barbara (M.A.Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies) “Mapping Feminist Praxis and Identity: A Case Study of Women’s Health Activism in Northwestern Ontario, 1980-1992.” T (2001)

Conley, Justin (M.A. Sociology) “Hegemonic Masculinity: Just Another Day at the Gym?” T (2000) 

Wakesho, Catherine (M.A. Sociology, Specialization in Women’s Studies) “The Green Belt Movement of Kenya: A Gender Analysis” T (1999)

Edwards, Marlene (M.A. Sociology) “Factors Affecting Women’s Caregiving Decision-making to Accept or Decline Formal and/or Informal Support” T (1999) 

Tole, Kristen (M.A. Sociology) “Safeguarding the ‘Springs of Life’: Women's Contributions to Social and Moral Reform in Fort William and Port Arthur, Ontario, 1900-1930" T (1998)

Dhiman, Raman (M.A. Sociology) “Negotiating Identity in Everyday Life: The Experiences of Canadian Women of South Asian Origin” (1997).T

Sutherland, S. ( M.A. Sociology) “Pregnancy: A Social Construction”  (co-supervision with R. Nelsen). T (1996)

Roy, Stephannie (M.A. Sociology) “Calculating Risk: Constructions of Risk in Biomedical, Feminist and Lay Perceptions of Conception-Assisting Technologies”  T (1996)

Smyth, Deirdre (M.A. Sociology) “The Creation of Dorothy Smith's Standpoint Epistemology” T (1995)

Supervision for Type II Diploma in Health Services and Policy Research (OTC) - Completed

Vance, Laurie (MSW/OTC) 2016 

Voll Jessica (MPH/OTC) 2013

Abeney, Akua (MA Economics/OTC) 2012

Chesser, Stephanie (MPH/OTC) 2010

Mayer, Daphne (MPH/OTC) 2009

Casey, Rebecca (Sociology/Gerontology/OTC) 2008