Completed Theses, Portfolios, and Dissertations

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Doctoral dissertations completed:

Redfern Pucci, Antonio. (2017). The consumed university: Probing neoliberalism in higher education. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University.

Potvin, Leigh. (2017). More than pink shirts and posters: Challenging heteronormativity and heterosexism in schools. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University.

Niblett, Blair. Narrating activist education: Teachers' stories of effecting social and political change. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University. (Defended dissertation on 10 November 2014.)


Master of Education theses completed:

McKenley, Bryana. (2023). Black girls and school disciplinary mechanisms.

Vescio, Brittany. (2021). Gender, language, and power: Exploring elementary teacher candidates’ ideologies and pedagogical approaches.

Abela, Janelle. (2020). Indigenous representations in novels used in the Ontario secondary English classroom.

Lyngstad, Michael. (2020). Student and teacher perspectives on Choice Theory as transformative education: An alternative secondary school context

Jeethan, Anthony. (2019). Out in the Cold: Examining northern and rural teachers’ preparedness for teaching LGBT students

Whately-Doucet, Allison. (2019). Is the customer always right? An examination of neoliberal ideology and its influence on parent-teacher interactions.

Del Paggio, Jamie. (2018). “Omar comin’”: Examining hegemonic masculinities in The Wire.

Burton, Melissa. (2016). "So that everybody starts at the same line": Exploring international English language learners' perceptions of learning English and studying in Canadian universities.

Goodfellow, Toby. (2014). Title: The Wild West of policy making: A discourse analysis of primary and secondary schools’ social media policies. Recipient of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Master’s Scholarship and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2012. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University.

Beemer MacDonald, Malcolm. Title: Annie off my mind: Heterosexist censorship of adolescent literature in intermediate/senior language arts curricula. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University.

Beaudrow, Jacob. Title: The culture of rape: Examining causes and educating for a rape-free society. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University.

Tersigni, Shannon. Title: Acknowledging, understanding, and teaching: Pre-service teachers’ experiences with social justice issues in education. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University.  

Ross, Alison. Title: Lesbian and gay male identity development and online communities. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University.  

Rowlandson, Natalie. Title: Invisible families: Exploring the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, trans-identified, and two-spirited parents in Northern Ontario school communities. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University.


Master of Education portfolios completed:

Ashburn, Jude. (2019). Towards a trans pedagogy of solidarity: Creating trauma-informed, anti-oppressive learning environments to support gender diverse learners. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University.

Mackenzie, Megan. (2017). Facilitating critical literacy through visual media: Deconstructing heterosexism within the Despicable Me franchise. Faculty of Education, Lakehead University.

Labelle, Lisa. (2014). Curriculum for mental health literacy: The new frontier of pre-service teacher-training program. MEd, Lakehead University.