Graduate Students

Braedan Prochnicki - Predictors of functional outcomes following total hip and knee arthroplasty utilizing performance-based tests (2022-present).

Robert Colquhoun - The physical and psychological effect of ankle bracing in volleyball players (2021-present).

James Fimognari - The effects of knee bracing on reactive agility performance among healthy soccer players - A pilot study (2020-present).

Jordan Bedel - The effects of neurocognitive and physical tasks on breathing and executive functioning in healthy versus concussed Canadian military members (2020-2022).

Lucas Hudson (MSc) - Examining the relationship between balance confidence and the physical and psychosocial adaptation to transtibial amputation on physical activity participation and avoidance habits (2019-2022; co-supervised with Dr. Taryn Klarner).

Alysha Duivesteyn (MSc) - Contextualizing an inventory for identifying critical incident exposure among Northwestern Ontario paramedics (2019-2021; co-supervised with Dr. Kathryn Sinden).

KaraLyn Harrison (MSc) – The biomechanical effects of rotator cuff taping on activity and throwing velocity in fatigued baseball players (2018-2020).

Teo Zhe Bin (MSc) - The effectiveness of two types of sabre fencing masks in mitigating three types of head impacts (International Student 2018-2020; co-supervised with Dr. Carlos Zerpa).

Zachary Cordingley (MSc) – The effects of Tai Chi on postural stability and ankle proprioception of healthy young adults (2017-2020).

Dominique Cava (MSc) – The impact of therapeutic ankle taping on the lower extremity kinematics of running on level, inclined, and declined surfaces (2017-2019; co-supervised with Dr. Derek Kivi).

Zachariah Henderson (MSc) - Ankle bracing’s effect on lower extremity biomechanics during athletic performance measures: An exploratory study (2016-2018)

Amy Werden (MSc) - The effects of moderate exercise on cognitive, cervical, and vestibulo-ocular functioning in healthy individuals: A pilot study (2016-2018)

Patrick Siedlicki (MSc) - Is there a relationship between PaCO2 and breathing patterns in patients with post-concussion syndrome when completing physical functional tests and neurocognitive testing (2015-2017).

Joshua McGeown (MSc) - Exploring the effect of aerobic and balance exercise in comparison to standard rest care as interventional strategies for post-concussion syndrome (2014-2016).

Ariel Pelletier (MSc) Co-supervisor - The effects of therapeutic patellar taping techniques on lower extremity kinematics during running in individuals with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome (2013-2015).

Michael Massei (MSc) Co-supervisor – The effects of therapeutic taping on pain, range of motion, power, balance, and strength in physically active individuals with patellar tendinopathy (2013-2015).