Teaching & Supervision

Graduate Courses

  • EDUC 5414 Arts and Education
  • EDUC  5414 Arts in Curriculum Studies
  • EDUC 5119 Arts Integrated Inquiry
  • EDUC 6020 Current Research, Theories & Issues (Doctoral Seminar 1)

Completed Theses, Portfolios, and Dissertations

Masters Supervisor

Bronson Carver: A+Vengers: Empowering students through superheroic re-storying, Lakehead University (2020)

Barbara Benwell: Masters memoir: A websiteLakehead University (2019)

Mehdia Hassan: Showing artful inquiry: Fostering mental wellbeing in St. James Town area youth through explorations of community connectedness from painting activities.Lakehead University (2019)

Stephanie Simko: Dear L: Narrative inquiry of a queer woman’s survivor experience. Lakehead University (2018)

Muga Miyakawa: Ethical considerations for mindfulness in education: Prescriptive quick fix or transformational paradigm shift? Lakehead University (2017)

Dayna Slingerland: Enriching communities with community arts based education. Lakehead University (2015).

Ledah McKellar: Unveiling the “Hidden Epidemic”: Exploring how women are publicly (un)educated on polycystic ovarian syndrome and what their stories can teach us. Lakehead University (2015).

Holly Tsun Haggarty: The Epistemology of Arts-Integrating Research Methodologies: How are the arts a way of knowing? Lakehead University (2015). Winner of the 2016 Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies Arts Researchers Teachers Special Interest Group Graduate Award for best thesis. 

Vivian Wood-Alexander: Explorations in the practice of eco-art: A phenomenological arts informed research project. Lakehead University (2014).

Shannon Gleason: Toward embracing arts-based research and feminist posthumanism in teacher education and educational technology research, Washington State University (2012)

Staci Aschinger: The importance of arts Integration within educational core curriculum, Washington State University. Capstone paper (2010).

Chelsea Young: Integrating the arts into the curriculum, Washington State University. Capstone paper (2010).

Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor

R. Varainja Stock: The transformative potential of community and collective arts pedagogies in Thunder Bay, Canada, Lakehead University (2017).

Samson Lyman: Science education for environmental sustainability: A case study of the Palouse watershed, Washington State University (2009).

External Dissertation Examiner 

Julie Wai Ling Hong. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Counselling Psychology: Examining career human agency in immigrant professionals in Canada (2020)

Anna Romanovska, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education: A subdued palette of subversion: Artistic expression, creativity, and family coping strategies in Soviet Latvia (2019)

Jason Carreiro, Simon Fraser University: A way towards an education for the communal self (2019)

Megan Morrison, Memorial University of Newfoundland: Through the window: Viewing invisible care spaces through the creativity of family members caring for a loved-one living with dementia (2019)

Michelle Sorensen, University of Regina: Attuning to the quantum leap: New materialism and field experience in teacher education (2018)

Marion Piper, PhD, Southern Cross University, Gold Coast, Australia: The missed encounter: An autoethographic a/r/tographic portrait of diarised posttraumatic growth in the context of the mother-daughter dyad (2017)

Garette Nicole Tebay, PhD, University of Calgary: Cultivating compassion in the classroom: Exploring the phenomenon of compassion in an upper elementary school classroom community (2017)