Teaching & Supervision


Graduate Courses

  • EDUC 5414 Arts and Education
  • EDUC  5414 Arts in Curriculum Studies
  • EDUC 5119 Arts Integrated Inquiry
  • EDUC 6020 Current Research, Theories & Issues (Doctoral Seminar 1)


Masters Supervisor

Bronson Carver:  A+Vengers: Empowering students through superheroic re-storying, Lakehead University (2020)

Barbara Benwell: Masters memoir: A websiteLakehead University (2019)

Mehdia Hassan: Showing artful inquiry: Fostering mental wellbeing in St. James Town area youth through explorations of community connectedness from painting activities.Lakehead University (2019)

Stephanie Simko: Dear L: Narrative inquiry of a queer woman’s survivor experience. Lakehead University (2018)

Muga Miyakawa: Ethical considerations for mindfulness in education: Prescriptive quick fix or transformational paradigm shift? Lakehead University (2017)

Dayna Slingerland: Enriching communities with community arts based education. Lakehead University (2015).

Ledah McKellar: Unveiling the “Hidden Epidemic”: Exploring how women are publicly (un)educated on polycystic ovarian syndrome and what their stories can teach us. Lakehead University (2015).

Holly Tsun Haggarty: The Epistemology of Arts-Integrating Research Methodologies: How are the arts a way of knowing? Lakehead University (2015). Winner of the 2016 Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies Arts Researchers Teachers Special Interest Group Graduate Award for best thesis. 

Vivian Wood-Alexander: Explorations in the practice of eco-art: A phenomenological arts informed research project. Lakehead University (2014).

Shannon Gleason: Toward embracing arts-based research and feminist posthumanism in teacher education and educational technology research, Washington State University (2012)

Staci Aschinger: The importance of arts Integration within educational core curriculum, Washington State University. Capstone paper (2010).

Chelsea Young: Integrating the arts into the curriculum, Washington State University. Capstone paper (2010).

Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor

Keri-Lyn Durant: Yearning to learn: A pandemic-inspired approach to grief literacy (2023)

Holly Tsun Haggarty: Presence and difference: The metaphysical belief systems that underpin epistemologies of arts-integrating research, Lakehead University (2021).

R. Varainja Stock: The transformative potential of community and collective arts pedagogies in Thunder Bay, Canada, Lakehead University (2017).

Samson Lyman: Science education for environmental sustainability: A case study of the Palouse watershed, Washington State University (2009).

Post Doc Supervision 

Stephanie Mason (2022-2023) 

External Dissertation Examiner 

Christina Flemming, Mount St. Vincent University, Canada. Professional Studies & Graduate Studies: Love as Inquiry: My Autoethnographic Story of Coming Out Later in Life (2024)

Jennifer Moyle, Murdoch University, Western Australia, Graduate Studies and Research in Education: Generating Jennifer - Her story (2023)

Kari Janz, University of Nippigon University, Canada. Faculty of Education: Blondie: A narrative, existential inquiry (2022)

Joan Lau. HULT Ashridge Executive Education, UK. Practice Peer for progression viva to achieving an Ashridge Doctorate in Organisational Change (DProf) (2021)

Sofia Jusslin, Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies: Dancing/Reading/Writing (2020)

Julie Wai Ling Hong. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Canada. Counselling Psychology: Examining career human agency in immigrant professionals in Canada (2020)

Anna Romanovska, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada: A subdued palette of subversion: Artistic expression, creativity, and family coping strategies in Soviet Latvia (2019)

Jason Carreiro, Simon Fraser University: A way towards an education for the communal self (2019)

Megan Morrison, Memorial University of Newfoundland: Through the window: Viewing invisible care spaces through the creativity of family members caring for a loved-one living with dementia (2019)

Michelle Sorensen, University of Regina: Attuning to the quantum leap: New materialism and field experience in teacher education (2018)

Marion Piper, PhD, Southern Cross University, Gold Coast, Australia: The missed encounter: An autoethographic a/r/tographic portrait of diarised posttraumatic growth in the context of the mother-daughter dyad (2017)

Garette Nicole Tebay, PhD, University of Calgary: Cultivating compassion in the classroom: Exploring the phenomenon of compassion in an upper elementary school classroom community (2017)