Lynn Ruxton

Lynn Ruxton

+1 (807) 343-8593
CB 3014A
Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Academic Qualifications: 
  • Masters in Science in Biology, Lakehead University
Previous Teaching/Work: 

During the school year, Lynn is in charge of running labs for Introductory Botany and Zoology. She trains all the TAs so that they are ready to teach each lab, and arranges all the materials required. The TAs' introduce the lab while Lynn is there if any additional help is required. She also provides additional tutorial support for students who find the material challenging or who have questions about the lab.

Lynn's basic duties include writing and updating manuals, collating orders, arranging buses for field trips, maintaining stock, general supplies and microscopes, designing lab exams, and keeping inventory of all supplies.

Along with her duties, Lynn teaches anatomy & physiology as an extra for the native nurses program (NNEP). She has also spearheaded the organization of lab purchases for the new Orillia campus, and has helped lab technicians from other departments to coordinate their purchases.

Lynn worked as a research technician while attending Lakehead. After she finished university she worked for the government in the Grain Commission, and then returned to work at Lakehead. Her job at Lakehead has slowly evolved from research technician to lab teaching technician as her duties changed and as funding for research became limited.

Lynn chose Lakehead because it was a more flexible and exciting workspace. She comments that when you have a task to do, people will assume you'll just do it. There is a climate of professionalism and trust that is very important in a learning environment.

Lynn does not plan to pursue any further formal education however she finds that she is learning something new every day in her work in Biology.