Completed Theses, Portfolios, and Dissertations

The following are some of the theses, portfolios, and dissertations that I have supervised:

Master's Theses

Harwood, J. (2011). Assistive technology and the self-esteem of students with learning disabilities. MEd, Lakehead University.

Hart, S. (2009). Stories of practice: Preservice teachers’ perceptions of information and communications technology. MEd, Lakehead University.

Fredrickson, E. (2008). Adapting the Ontario teacher performance appraisal manual to video-based teacher assessment. MEd, Lakehead University.

Master's Portfolios

Goodman, W. (2008). A teacher’s guide to integrating powerpoint into the core French classroom. Med, Lakehead University.

Deluca, B. (2004). Helping elementary teachers use technology effectively in the classroom. MEd, Lakehead University.