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Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed

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Book Chapters

(2021) Robin, T., Pictou, S., Parker, B., and Brady, J. Pestiewink/Wihokewin: Invitation to Indigenous and Intersectional Feminist Food Studies, In Koc, M., Sumner, J., & A. Winson, Eds., Critical Perspectives in Food Studies, 3rd Edition.

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Published Reports

Parker, B. and Koeppel, M. (2019). School Food Environments in Thunder Bay: An Inventory Project of Food Programs and Initiatives in Elementary and High Schools, Prepared for The Thunder Bay + Area Food Strategy. 

Burnett, K., Skinner, K., Hay, T., and Parker, B. (2016). Maamaaw Wiisinidaa All Together, Let’s Eat: Findings from an Open Discussion on Issues Related to Food and First Nations in Northwestern Ontario, Prepared for Nishanabe-Gamik Friendship Centre and the Anishinaabe Bimaadiziwin Research Program.