Portrait of Joey Miller outdoors

Joseph Miller


Phone Number: 
+1 807-343-8010ext. 8584
Office Location: 
SN 2005F (on main campus)
MP 2015 (at the depot)
Academic Qualifications: 

M.Ed (Environmental and Sustainability Education for Change), Lakehead University, 2017

B.Ed (Outdoor Ecological Experiential Education), Lakehead University, 2015

H.B.O.R. / B.A. (Outdoor Recreation & Geography), Lakehead University, 2013

Previous Teaching/Work: 

Joey is a graduate of the School of ORPT.  He has a background working in camping, expedition canoe and raft guiding, white water rescue and paddling instruction, and as a secondary school teacher.  Joey has a passion for outdoor learning and is committed to providing students with unique and adventurous outdoor learning experiences.