Graduate Students

Abigail Proteau (MSc, 2020 - Present)

Stephen Boulanger (MSc, 2020 - Present)

Dominique Cava (MSc, 2017 - 2019) - The impact of therapeutic ankle taping on the lower extremity kinematics of running on level, inclined, and declined surfaces (Co-supervised with Dr. Paolo Sanzo)

Brittany Pennock (MSc, 2016 - 2018) - The effect of isometric cervical strength, head impact location, and injury mechanism on simulated head impact measures of peak linear acceleration, shear force, and injury risk in female ice hockey players (Co-supervised with Dr. Carlos Zerpa)

Ariel Pelletier (MSc, 2013 - 2015) - The effects of therapeutic patellar taping techniques on lower extremity kinematics during running in individuals with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome (Co-supervised with Dr. Paolo Sanzo)

Vanessa Smykalski (MSc, 2013 - 2015) - The effect of leg dominance on lower limb kinematics during a 180° pivot maneuver in healthy female soccer players at three different stages of physical maturation

Corey Wesley (MSc, 2010 - 2013) - The effects of kettlebell mass and swing cadence on heart rate, blood lactate and ratings of perceived exertion during an interval kettlebell swing protocol

David Witiluk (MSc, 2009 - 2012) - The effect of warm-ups and elevated oxygen consumption on running performance in trained collegiate distance runners

Carlos Leon-Carlyle (MSc, 2008 - 2011) - Validity and reliability of a test of agility for soccer players

Morgan Broennle (MSc, 2008 - 2011) - The relationship between maximal isometric and isotonic neck strength of hockey players and wrestlers

William Dechert (MSc, 2007 - 2009) - Examining the effects of trial order and conditioning on the covert orienting of visual attention task (COVAT) (Co-supervised with Dr. Jim McAuliffe)

Duncan Pike (MSc, 2006 - 2008) - The use of video feedback in refining an ice hockey skating skill (Co-supervised with Dr. Moira McPherson)