Selected Publications

Professional, Refereed, Journal Articles

Julig, P., H.B. Schroeder, D.F.G. Long, J. Rink, D. Richter, and H. Schwarcz  
  1999  Geoarchaeology of Palaeolithic sites in the Syrian steppe desert, regional overview and new research at Jerf al-Ajla Cave. Geoarchaeology, Special edition on Geoarchaeology of Arid Regions, 14(8):28 pp.
Julig, P.J., D.F.G. Long, and R.G.V. Hancock
  1999  Cathodoluminescence and petrographic techniques for positive identification of quartz rich lithic artifacts from late Palaeo-Indian sites in the Great Lakes Region. Wisconsin Archaeologist 79(1):68-88.
McEachen, P.P. Allen, P. Julig and D.F.G. Long
  1999  The Tozer site revisited: implications for the Early Woodland period in New Brunswick.Canadian Journal of Archaeology 22(2):157-166.


Julig, P.J. (editor)
  2002  The Sheguiandah Site: archaeological, geological and palaeobotanical studies at a Paleoindian site on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Mercury Series, Archaeological Survey of Canada, Paper 161. Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec.
Julig, P.J.
   1995  The Cummins Site Complex and Palaeoindian Occupations in the Northwestern Lake Superior Region. Ontario Archaeological Report #2, Ontario Heritage Foundation, Toronto, 236 pages.

Book Chapters

Julig, P.J., D.F.G.Long, R.G.V. Hancock and L.A. Pavlish
  in press  Provenance Studies of Late- Palaeoindian Quartzite Artifacts in the Great Lakes Region of North America. In Archaeometry 31, Proceeding of the 31st International Archaeometry Congress, Archaeolingua Foundation, Budapest, Hungary, May 1998, 8 pp. (2000).
Julig, P.J., D.F.G. Long, and R.G.V. Hancock
  in press  Non-destructive and Destructive Techniques for the Identification of Early Holocene Quartzite Artifacts. In Proceedings of 5th Chinese Archaeometry Congress, edited by Changsui Wang. University of Hefei, Chinese Academy of Science, Hefei, Anhui, China.
Julig, P.J.
  in press  Contributions of Geochemical Sourcing Studies of Chert and Quartz to Understanding Lithic Procurement and Exchange Patterns in the Great Lakes Region. InSymposium on "New Directions in Lithic Analysis", edited by A. Dowd. Cambridge University Press.
Julig, P.J.
  1999  Archaeological Theme Parks, Public Archaeology and Living Museums: Prospects for the Upper Great Lakes Region. In La Nature et La Loi/Nature and Law, edited by Francois-Xavier Ribordy, pp. 113-129. Laurentian University Press, Sudbury.