Photo portrait of Dr. John Han

Dr. Xiaoqiang (John) Han

Sessional or Contract
Sessional or Contract
OA 3010-01
by appointment, please email
Academic Qualifications: 

PhD Philosophy, Queen’s University at Kingston
MA Philosophy, Memorial University of Newfoundland
BA Philosophy, Peking University

Date joined Lakehead: 
September 2012
Research Interests: 

John Han hold a PhD in philosophy from Queen’s University, and has taught courses in philosophy, religious studies and interdisciplinary studies, including Aesthetics, Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Chinese Philosophy, St. Thomas, Modern Philosophy, Twentieth Century Philosophy, and Inquiry. He has published on a variety of topics in journals including Philosophia, Disputatio, Acta Analytica and Asian Philosophy. His research areas include ontology, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and comparative philosophy, with special interests in skepticism, the brains-in-a-vat problem (an intersection between epistemology, philosophy of mind and philosophy of language) and questions concerning intentionality, mental content (especially thoughts formed on the basis of image perception), self-consciousness with its relations to the idea of transcendental ego.

Dr. Han is currently working on a quasi-Moorean paradox involving self knowledge.

Favourite thinkers/writers:

Roger Scruton; Martha Nussbaum; Tom Aquinas; Martin Heidegger; Zhuangzi; René Descartes; A. C. Graham, Elisabeth Anscombe.

Best book read recently

The Soul of the World, by Roger Scruton

Dr. Han is also interested in photography and maintains his photo galleries through Picasa web albums, click here.