Dr. Mirit Grabarski

Dr. Mirit Grabarski

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
+1 807-343-8010ext. 8410
RB 1029
Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Academic Qualifications: 

Ph.D. (Ivey Business School at Western University)

MBA (Open University of Israel)

Date joined Lakehead: 
August, 2021
Previous Teaching/Work: 

Organizational Behaviour, HR and academic success courses (Western University, Fanshawe College)

Research Interests: 

Career Development, Positive Organizational Scholarship (Empowerment, Resilience), Diversity and Inclusion

I really like work stories and especially career stories! 

Peer- Reviewed Journal Publications

Ali, M., Grabarski. M.K., Ahmed, S. & Imtiaz, N. (2023) “Leadership gender diversity, corporate social responsibility and organizational outcomes: The context of organization size". Accepted for publication: Australian Journal of Management

Schwarts-Asher, D., Grabarski, M.K., Tziner, A., & Schkoler, O. (2023). “Don't stop believing: Career empowerment as a mediator between hope and organizational outcomes”. Accepted for publication: The Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

Ali, M., Grabarski, M.K. & Konrad, A.M. (2022) “Women in hospitality and tourism: a study of the top-down and bottom-up dynamics". International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 34(4), 1448-1469.

Khan, M., Grabarski, M.K., Ali, M & Buckmaster, S. (2022) “Insights into creating and managing an inclusive neurodiverse workplace for positive outcomes: A multi-staged theoretical framework”. Group and Organizations Management 10596011221133583.

Lapshina, N. & Grabarski, M.K. (2022) “Double disadvantage: Disability and gender in the context of workplace harassment”. Accepted for publication: Consulting Psychology Journal

 Mouratidou, M. & Grabarski, M.K. (2022) “In the eye of the hurricane: Careers under lockdown”. Sustainability 14(22), 15098

 Mouratidou, M. & Grabarski, M.K. (2021) “Careers in the Greek public sector: Calibrating the kaleidoscope". Career Development International 26(2), 201-216.

Ali, M., Grabarski, M.K. & Konrad, A.M (2020). “Trickle-down and bottom-up effects of women’s representation in the context of industry gender composition: A panel data investigation". Human Resource Management 60(4), 559-580

Kalyal, H.J. & Grabarski, M.K. (2020). “A change would do you good: How HR practices can promote change-championing behavior”. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences 38(2), 162-176.

Tamir, E. & Grabarski, M.K. (2020). "Surviving the reform: Management usage of the Garbage Can model during implementation of reforms". Journal of Educational Administration 58(3), 373-387.

Tamir, E. & Grabarski, M.K. (2019). "Searching for gold in the Garbage Can: Decision-making on resource utilization in schools using the Garbage Can model". Leadership and Policy in Schools, 18(3), 325-340.  

Tamir, E. & Grabarski, M.K. (2018). "Under pressure: Why school managements use the Garbage Can model of decision making". Research in Educational Administration & Leadership, 3(1),1-28

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters and Teaching Cases 

Grabarski, M. K., & Shwartz-Asher, D. (2022). “The "Era of Me": design and integration of career paths in an era of self-directed careers”. In: Tziner, A. et al. (eds.) Engineering the World of Work (pp. 1-20). Edward Elgar Publishing.

Khan, M.H., Ali, M., Grabarski, M. K., & Moore, K. (2023). “Reframing management of organisational neurodiversity in Australia: A contextual approach”.  In: Beatty, J. et al. (eds.) De Gruyter Handbook of Disability and Management (pp. 267-286). De Gruiter.

Grabarski, M.K., Mouratidou, M. & Fellows, I. (forthcoming). “The evolution of learning and technological innovation: Preparing students for successful careers”. In: Donald, W.E. (ed.) Establishing and Maintaining Sustainable Career Ecosystems for University Students and Graduates. IGI Global

Grabarski, M.K. (2022). “We can work it out: Managing a dual-career family”. Ivey Publishing, Teaching case #W28018

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