Current Projects

My work as a faculty member is best described as co-emergent network of teaching, scholarship, and community leadership visible in the following current projects:

1. Learning to Live with Literary Ancestors. An edited book project examining the impact in living and learning of sustained relationships with literary ancestors.

2. the blue profound: Reflections of Lake Superior. An edited book project exploring inspiring and instructive stories of Lake Superior as pathways to reconciliation.

3. The Labyrinth Project. The construction of new “learning spaces” and “spaces for being” on Lakehead’s campus, including the installation of a new Wellness Path north of the Bora Laskin Education Building.

4. Sustainability Stewardship. Participating with other community leaders, in and outside of the university, on numerous sustainability-related research, teaching, and outreach projects.

5. Graduate Supervision. Currently supervising numerous master’s and doctoral students in eclectic mix of work all centered on enhancing the quality of life for human and more-than-human communities.

6. Undergraduate Teaching. Currently teaching curriculum courses for pre-service high school English teachers, and courses in multiple literacies for all secondary education students.

7. Faculty leadership. Putting twenty-plus years of place and sustainability research and scholarship to work in faculty leadership and governance.