As an Instructional Technologist in the Department of Geography and the Environment, my focus is on the development and delivery of practical experiential learning opportunities designed to complement theoretical material.  I'm responsible for the laboratory component of several courses in geomatics, physical geography and environmental science.  Most of my courses are run in the field permitting in situ assessment, in the computer laboratory working with various software platforms, and/or in the classroom laboratory working with maps, aerial photographs, etc.
Fall Courses
ENST 3094 - Environmental Studies Field School
GEOG/ENST 1170 - The Environment with Lab
GEOG/ENST 2232 -  Introduction to Geomatics and GIS
GEOG/ENST 2351 - Introductory Geomorphology
GEOG 4231 - Remote Sensing
Winter Courses
GEOG 2215 - Introduction to Earth Observation and Analysis
GEOG/ENST 2331 - Introductory Climatology
GEOG 4211 - Advanced Spatial Analysis