Completed Theses, Portfolios, and Dissertations

The following are some of the theses, portfolios, and dissertations that I have supervised:

Master's Theses

Sandy-Thompson, K. (2014). Older people’s adaptation to new modes of communication. MEd, with Specialization in Gerontology Lakehead University.

Mulridge, M. (2009). A survey of expatriate teachers in Kuwait. MEd, Lakehead University.

Master's Portfolio

Shannon, V. (2010). The role of self-awareness and initial school placement in forming leadership style: Leadership development in new vice-principals and principals. MEd, Lakehead University.

Doctoral Dissertations

Boyd, R. (2011). Welcome to the modern world, painted stick: Postmodern magic in educational virtual reality. PhD, Lakehead University.

Cox, J. (2010). Can education be healing? Adult women's motivations for and experiences with returning to university. PhD, Lakehead University.