Research Interests

Dr. Cui has been involved in extensive applied research in the area of geotechnical engineering and mining engineering for more than ten years. His research interests are mainly on the reliable and accurate assessment and prediction of the behaviour of porous geomaterials including cementitious materials, soils, and rock under complex multiphysics loading conditions through mathematical modelling and experimental methods. Following is a list of Dr. Cui's current research areas:

1. Mine Backfill Technology
  • Mathematical modeling and testing of Rock-CPB interface behaviour
  • Reinforced mine backfill technology
  • Innovative freezing technology in mine backfill used in cold environment
  • Behaviour and performance of mine backfill under complex field conditions
2. Carbon Geo-sequestration Technology 
  • Multiphysics modeling of short- and long-term behavior of carbon geosequestration system. 
  • Mathematical modeling of impure CO2 sequestration in deep saline aquifers. 
  • Assessment of storage capacity and stability of carbon geo-sequestration system.
 3. Problematic Soils
  • Effect of freeze-thaw cycles on the behaviour of geomaterials
  • Soil-structure interaction under seismic loading
4. Rock Mechanics
  • Fracture initiation and propagation 

Dr. Cui is now accepting graduate students to pursue research in the above areas. You may follow Dr. Cui's research and latest updates in Google ScholarResearchGate and LinkedIn