Headshot of Andrew Conley

Dr. Andrew Conly

Chair, Department of Geology
+1 807-343-8010ext. 8463
Office: CB 4003
Labs: Labs: CB2026 & 2021A
Academic Qualifications: 

B.Sc. M.Sc. (Carleton University)

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)

Research Interests: 

I am an emerging expert in the fields of applied mineralogy, trace element geochemistry and isotope geochemistry, with application of these methods to understanding the origin(s) of metals and fluids responsible for the formation of magmatic-hydrothermal metal deposits and to mine site remediation. My research encompasses a wide variety of analytical instrumentation and methodologies including light microscopy, XRD, SEM-EDX, EMPA, FTIR, XRF, ICP-AES/MS, INAA, Leco infra-red, wet chemistry, stable isotopes, radiogenic isotopes and K-Ar geochronology. My research has also resulted in several collaborative projects (throughout Canada, USA, Mexico and France) with university researchers, government, and mining and exploration companies.

A) Experimental Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Through a CFI New Opportunities and a NSERC equipment grant I am in the processes of establishing a state-of-the-art research facility to conduct experimental water-rock and melt-volatile partitioning studies. This is a new facility for Lakehead University and to my knowledge is the only one of its kind at a Canadian university. This represents a new area of research for me, and one that will enable my students and me to undertake research that will provide groundbreaking insights in a variety of areas, including: magmatic-hydrothermal geochemistry, radwaste treatment and strategic material testing.

B) Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry

My research under the theme Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry stems from my collaborations with Dr. P. Lee (Department of Biology) on the Steep Rock remediation program that is being sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. The projects that my students and I are working on are related to issues of acid-mine drainage and remediation of contaminated waters, soils and sediments associated with the Steep Rock site.

C) Ore Genesis

Ore genesis studies involve investigating the processes responsible for the formation of metallic ore deposits. My education and prior work experience has largely been centred on the study of sedimentary rock-hosted and volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits. Since starting my position at Lakehead University I have expanded my research to include Au and PGE deposits; since these deposits are more widely sought after in northernwestern Ontario. Much of my ore deposit research receives financial support from exploration companies and government agencies. My students and I are currently working on projects located in northwestern Ontario, Minnesota and Mexico.