Dr. Richard Berg

Professor Emeritus
Academic Qualifications: 

BA (Brock University, St. Catharines)
MA (Loyola University, Chicago)
DEA (Paris)
PhD (Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana)

Previous Teaching/Work: 

Dr. Richard Berg taught several courses for the Department of Philosophy:

  • Introduction to Philosophical Thought
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Moral Issues
  • Asian Philosophy
  • Medieval European Thought
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Professional Ethics
Research Interests: 

Dr. Berg's research interests include areas of applied ethics such as issues of personal autonomy as they emerge in biomedical ethics, engineering ethics and professional ethics generally; comparative religious ethics studied in the meeting of world religions as they establish themselves in the multicultural Canadian context of our larger urban environments; and the ancient Greek and medieval European philosophy which provide the intellectual background against which the new Canadian cultural realities are now beginning to unfold.

Dr. Berg's current research projects include a monograph on Moral Issues, and the articles "Methodology, Mysticism and Ethics: Augustine on Creation and Time in Confessions Book 11", and "Why Thales is the First Ancient Greek Philosopher."