NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards Program

The Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) program offers an opportunity to nurture your interest and fully develop your potential for a research career in the natural sciences or in engineering. If you are thinking of continuing your studies at the graduate level, participation in the USRA program is a great way to explore advanced study in your field.

Special consideration to those that self-identify as Black or Indigenous students on the NSERC portal.

To be ELIGIBLE TO APPLY for an award, you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada or a Protected Person;
  • be registered in a bachelor's degree program at an eligible university at the time you apply; 
  • have obtained a cumulative average of at least 75% in your previous university academic year (college transfer students and Year One (1) students must have at least 75% average at the end of the current year); and,
  • hold up to a maximum of three USRAs during your undergraduate career.

To HOLD an award, you must:

  • be registered in a bachelor’s degree program;
  • have completed all the course requirements of at least one year of university study (or two academic terms) of your bachelor's degree;
  • have been registered in a bachelor’s degree program in the term immediately before holding the award;
  • work under the supervision of a faculty member authorized to supervise students;
  • have a proposed research project that clearly lies within natural sciences and engineering;
  • be engaged on a full-time basis in research and development activities in the natural sciences or engineering during tenure of the award (Duration: 14-16 weeks with no payment for vacation leave during the tenure of the award); and
  • have not started a graduate studies program.

If you would like to gain research work experience that complements your studies in an academic setting, this award is for you!

Application Process:

To apply for the NSERC USRA, download the following documents:

Download the Summer NSERC USRA Application Steps

Download the NSERC USRA Research Interest & Goals Form

Download the NSERC USRA Student Reference Form

Application Deadline:  

January 31, 2024  however, students should contact their faculty/department for internal deadline.