IPED Services

The Office of Innovation, Partnerships and Economic Development (IPED) is an intellectual property resource for faculty, staff, and students, and an important priority for Lakehead University. We strive to encourage, support, and enhance the commercialization of intellectual property and assist its researchers in transferring knowledge and technology to those outside the University community. Critical to these goals are the development and maintenance of research and business partnerships, which include industry, government, and other Universities.

To further related initiatives, IPED at Lakehead seeks to:

  • Provide services related to Industry-sponsored research and partnerships; locating industry partners for Lakehead researchers; and providing a point of contact for industry to access University resources
  • Provide services related to Technology Transfer and innovation management; providing Intellectual Property commercialization development and implementation
  • Providing research contracts and agreements relating to Intellectual Property
  • Provide mentorship for faculty on industry collaborations, grant review, and special projects
  • Support the activities of the President's Advisory Council on Economic Development and assist in the implementation of various economic development initiatives

More specifically, the following services are provided by the office:

  • Handling of intellectual property protection issues (including patents and copyright)
  • Licensing of University technology
  • Serving as a liaison between industry, the local community, and the University
  • Assisting with university-industry-government collaborative programs
  • Supporting the creation and development of start-up knowledge-based businesses
  • Overseeing the overall management of the University's intellectual property

The IPED office is also responsible for negotiation and drafting of several different types of agreements including those dealing with:

  • Intellectual property ownership assignments
  • Licensing agreements
  • Sponsored research
  • Industrial grants & research contracts
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure
  • Collaboration and Consortium Agreements
  • Material Transfer Agreements