Computer Science

The application is closed to International applicants. 

You will need to provide your unofficial documents: final transcript, proof of graduation, CV, Statement of Purpose, proof of English language, and the Computer Science Background Form.

Computer Science combines the intellectual challenge of a young discipline with the excitement of an innovative and rapidly expanding technology. 

Computer science has been an active area at Lakehead University for over 25 years. The department resides in the University's Advanced Technology and Academic Centre (ATAC), a striking building that houses many of the University’s computing activities. Faculty, staff, and students are equipped with state-of-the-art computing facilities including smart lecture rooms, labs, and a variety of computing technologies (e.g. Virtual Reality, Parallel Computing).

The Master's program in computer science provides an opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of advanced knowledge in the discipline. Students benefit from a selection of advanced courses and a chance to pursue research that aligns with their interests and aspirations.

Three program options are available to students:

  • Master’s by Course (1 year), which involves courses aligned with the IT industry requirements
  • Master's by Project (2 years), which involves courses aligned with the IT industry needs and also includes a limited research project
  • Master's by Thesis (2 years), which requires fewer courses and involves a more substantial research project

The Course-based master's program is not suitable for pursuing higher graduate programs (e.g. PhD). The Project and Thesis master's programs prepare students for higher graduate programs (e.g. PhD) and may provide them with further industrial experience through available Co-op placement opportunities.

Specialization in Artificial Intelligence

The Department of Computer Science is offering a two-year, thesis-based Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc) program with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Students will develop the skills and knowledge to conduct research in the field of Computer Science with a focus on core AI techniques. Upon completion, students will be able to apply and select appropriate AI algorithms and techniques in a variety of industrial sectors and further advance the AI-related research. Topics will include deep learning, natural language processing, machine learning, image processing, pattern recognition, and other emerging technologies. Finally, students will develop research and application-based ethical awareness.

Please note: The AI Specialization is not eligible for the Co-operative Option.

MSc Computer Science Co-operative Program Option - For Project and Thesis based students, only:

A graduate student will normally be admitted to the co-operative program option after completion of two terms, for a starting date in May. Students are expected to obtain an aggregate of 80% or more and must have taken at least 4 half credit courses (excluding non-credit courses, project and thesis).

Co-op employment for 8 months (two terms) must be successfully completed to satisfy the co-op requirement for the degree. 

Students interested in a co-op placement should inform the Department's Co-op Advisor at least four months in advance of the proposed date of the placement (e.g., by late December for placements beginning in May). The Department's decision as to the suitability of each candidate will be based primarily on academic performance. Successful candidates will work with the Student Success Centre and the university Co-op Coordinator in their search for suitable employment.

Upon completion of the co-op placement, the student will either complete a thesis (Thesis Program option) or complete the Project Program option requirements including the required project course.

NOTE: Students in this program must complete all requirements within six terms (2 years) of continuous registration.  For co-op students, the duration of the co-op placement will be added to the program time limit.


Admission Requirements for Masters

Applicants for admission must be graduates of a recognized university, college, or institute as well as show evidence of scholarly achievement. Except where otherwise stated in the Admission Requirements of a particular program, degree students must have a four year bachelor's degree or its equivalent with at least second class standing (B) based on their last 20 half courses or equivalent.

For applicants from countries that follow a British-patterned grading system, please note:

  • Overall standings are normally reported in lieu of an average. The CGPA can be determined on the basis of annual or overall standings as reported on the transcript or degree certificate.
  • A minimum grade of B, or Second Class, Upper Division, is required.
  • The National Diploma and Higher National Diploma are not recognized for admission to a graduate-level program.
  • Be sure to include a copy of your institution grading scale when uploading your transcripts.
  • If in doubt, you may wish to order a WES International Credential Advantage (iCap) report from

An applicant holding a degree other than one in the discipline area to which admission is sought will be considered on the basis of courses taken and academic standing. A Qualifying Year at the undergraduate level may be required to meet the admission standards. Courses taken as part of a Qualifying Year can not be used as credit towards a graduate degree.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission. No candidate will be admitted unless the academic unit recommends admission. All applicants will be advised by the Office of Graduate Studies in writing of their admission status.

Program Specific Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements for Master programs, the following minimum requirements also apply:

  • A student entering the Master's program is expected to have at least a "B" average in an Honours Computer Science program or equivalent from an accredited university and the necessary undergraduate prerequisites for the graduate courses to be completed.

Graduate Funding

At Lakehead University, we realize the importance of financial support for graduate students.

Therefore, financial assistance opportunities are available in several forms and are generally awarded to students by individual programs on the basis of academic promise and financial need.

The different funding options available include:

For your convenience, a searchable database of graduate scholarships, bursaries, and awards is provided below. Award eligibility, criteria, and application procedures for graduate funding is indicated for each award. Please use the general search tool to find available funding by program. Alternatively, you may also click the advanced search link to specify available funding by program level, award category and/or award amount.

Although financial support cannot be guaranteed to all graduate students in all programs, we encourage you to inquire about financial assistance with your Graduate Coordinator in your program of study. You may also contact the Graduate Funding Officer in the Faculty of Graduate Studies to learn more about your graduate funding options.

Conditions of Graduate Awards

Graduate scholarships are based on academic merit. Graduate bursaries are based on financial need, although there may be a merit component to the bursary. Where the award designates that an application is required, only those students who have submitted the specified application by the deadline will be considered for those awards. Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered. Only successful applicants will be notified.

Recipients of scholarships, awards and bursaries must be registered in order to receive funding. Graduate awards are applied to any outstanding balance on the student's account. Students are entitled to their awards only after their fees are paid in full. Only students with credit account balances will be refunded the balance of the overpayment. Overpayment refunds of these awards will be issued at the end of September, January and May each year.

The University reserves the right to make changes without prior notice to the terms, conditions and award values listed in this section and in the University Calendar.

The most up-to-date internal awards and applications are on our new award system MyAwards

Graduate Studies Funding Database

Required Application Documents

Applicants for admission must be graduates of an accredited university, college, or institute as well as show evidence of scholarly achievement. Except where otherwise stated in the admission requirements of a particular program, domestic degree students must have a four year bachelor's degree or its equivalent with at least (B) based on their last 20 half courses or equivalent. We recommend that International applicants have an overall standing of Second Class - Upper Division or higher.

Meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee admission. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will advise all applicants in writing of admission decisions once they are received from the program. Applicants are encouraged to regularly monitor their Lakehead University email and application portal for the most current information.

The first step in the application process is to complete the online graduate studies application form.

After you have submitted the online form along with the required $125 CAD application fee, you will be provided with an online account where you can complete the remaining steps of the application process which include uploading the required supporting documents and monitoring the status of your application.

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After you have applied 

After you have submitted the online application form, you can access your account here. Any change in your application status will be reflected in this portal.

Graduate Studies Reference Form
  • An electronic reference form will be automatically sent by email to the references you identify on the graduate studies application form
  • This form is requested in support of the applicant's ability to undertake advanced study and research
Official Transcript
Proof of Degree
Program Specific Supporting Documents (If required)
  • For a list of program specific documents, please see this program's Additional Application Information section (if required, see above)
Official English Test Results (If required)
Additional Application Information

Please do not send in your official transcript(s) or proof of degree as these items will be discarded. If you are recommended for admission we will request the documents at that time.

You will need to provide your unofficial documents: final transcript, proof of graduation, CV, Statement of Purpose, proof of English language, three references, and the Computer Science Background Form.

Use the following form to provide a background of your Computer Science experience. Please ensure that you read and follow the instructions on how to fill out the Computer Science Background Form, below. You must submit the Computer Science Background Form with your application, in order to be considered for admission. 


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