Faculty Meeting Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009 (All day)
ATAC 5035
Date:               October 15, 2009
To:      Members, Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities 
From: Victor Smith, Chair, Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Council
Subject:             COUNCIL MEETING                   
There will be a meeting of the Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
 1.        Approval of Agenda.
 2.        Approval of the September 11, 2009 Minutes.   
 3.        Business Arising from the Minutes.
 4.        Registrar's Report.
 5.        Dean's Report.
 6.        Departmental/School Reports.
            i) Women's Studies - Calendar Change MEd with Specializations in Women's Studies
                & Gerontology
            ii) Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism - Adjuncts - Dr. Jackie Dawson and
                Dr. Emma Stewart
            iii) Sociology - Calendar Change - New Third Year Course and change to Dr. Anita Chen Bursary
 7.        Other Business.
 8.        Orillia Report.
 9.        Adjournment. 
VICTOR SMITH, Chair, Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Council.
 Friday, September 11, 2009
A meeting of the Faculty Council was held on Friday, September 11, 2009 at 1:30 pm in the ATAC Board Room 5035.
Approval of Revised Agenda
It was moved by M. Beaulieu and seconded by M. MacLean that the revised agenda be approved.
Approval of the Minutes
It was moved by M. MacLean and seconded by D. McPherson that the minutes of May 14, 2009 be approved.
Business Arising from Minutes
There was none.
Introduction of New Colleagues
A. Den Otter introduced Dr. Jonathon Iniuk, joint appointment in the Department of History, (Thunder Bay campus), and the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, (Orillia Campus), and Harold Fung, Music, (returning).
Registrar's Report
B. Nelson stated that the enrolment numbers will support the budget for this year.  Enrolment is FT = 6,668, (includes the Med School), and PT = 1,274.  The current enrolment for Social Sciences & Humanities is 610 FT and 290 PT.  This does not include the Concurrent Numbers. These will be sent out to S. Viitala who will then circulate them.  B. Nelson said that any faculty member can call her for the most recent numbers at any time.  She also stated that the interviews for Associate Registrar would take place soon, and that the Registrar's Office was very short staffed.   All manual registration would be entered by the end of next week, (September 16 is the deadline).  The question was asked about the availability of hard copy calendars.  B. Nelson said there would be no more hard copy calendars and that the on-line calendar is the most up-to-date.  The money saved from discontinuing them has gone to software and updates.  Previous copies of calendars will be archived electronically.  B. Nelson reminded us that minor programs are only in four year degrees and must be declared by the end of the second year.  She is also working on a communication plan.
Dean's Report for Faculty Council 
September 11, 2009 ATAC 5036
1.            Distinguished Instructor Award:  I am pleased to announce that Dr. Serajul Islam is the recipient of this year's Distinguished Instructor award.
2.            Course evaluations this year.  The Dean of Science and Environmental Studies and I   have been talking about handling the course evaluations differently this year in order       to save costs.  We pay approximately $15,000.00 to have people facilitate the     evaluations.  Science and Environmental Studies just voted to change their   procedure.  Now a student will be asked to distribute the forms, collect them, seal     them and return them to the Dean's office immediately after the class.  I propose         that we do the same.
3.            H1N1 Protocols.  I sent an email to Chairs and Directors last week indicating the protcols for a potential outbreak of H1N1 this year.  I would encourage Chairs and Directors not only to forward that email to colleagues, but also to make this an agenda item at your next meeting. 
4.            Calendar changes.  Calendar changes must be submitted in time for the January Senate meeting.  That meeting is January 29 and the Senate Executive meeting at which the changes would come forward is January 15. 
5.            Setting up standing committees and having Chairs' meetings.  I propose establishing a Chairs/Directors committee.  I also propose establishing a standing committee to address Faculty issues related to research, one to address Faculty issues related to teaching; and one to address Faculty issues related to recruitment and promotion of the Faculty within the university and community.  I also propose establishing an ad hoc committee to develop guidelines for hiring procedures for appointments at the Orillia campus.
6.            Notification to Dean of Acting Chair/Director.  Please remember to notify the Dean and the Dean's Assistant when you are going to be away and whom you are designating as the Acting Chair or Director in your absence.
7.            Election of Faculty FGS Membership Committee.  Election of FGS external reps. We need to elect three tenured faculty members who are members of FGS to sit on a membership committee.  We also need to elect an external representative for this committee.  This person must be a Graduate Co-ordinator of a program outside our Faculty, and is elected by full-time members of our Faculty.
8.            Recruitment: The Office of Admissions and Recruitment has offered to meet with us   as a Faculty and/or as individual departments to discuss recruitment strategies.  I    would like to invite the Acting Director to attend our next meeting.  If you are     interested in having her meet with your department or school, let me know.
9.            Special Senate meeting this afternoon. 
Respectfully submitted by Dr. Gillian Siddall, Dean, Social Sciences and Humanities.
V. Smith left at 2:50 and H. Smith took over role as Chair.
Interim Strategic Plan Committee 
Discussion ensued.
It was moved by M. Beaulieu and R. Berg that an election be held to establish a steering committee for the development of a strategic plan for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, to be comprised of one faculty member from each Department/School/Program, and the Dean.  If no Orillia faculty member is elected as a representative for his/her Department/School or Program, the Orillia faculty member who receives the highest number of votes will be appointed to the committee.
Departmental/School Reports
i) Calendar Changes - Department of Languages
It was moved by M.N. Rinn© and M. Beaulieu that the calendar changes be approved.
There were 2 (two) abstentions.
ii) Calendar Changes for Sociology
It was moved by S.D. Stone and seconded by P. Jasen that the proposed calendar changes for Sociology be approved.
ii) English - Adjunct Professor - Dr. Philip Allingham (Education)
It was moved by J. Leggatt and seconded by R. Berg that the appointment of Dr. P. Allingham as Adjunct Professor be approved.
Orillia Report
A. den Otter reported that there were 700 students enrolled with 200 from the consecutive Education Program.  The Arts and Science program was growing slowly.  She stated that they will need to be more creative in retention as next year's enrolment target is 1,100.  A. den Otter will be in Thunder Bay next week and plans to meet with all the Chairs/Directors for consultation on the Strategic Plan.
Other Business
There was none.
The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.
Thunder Bay Campus
V. Smith
B. Nelson
M. MacLean
D. McPherson
S.D. Stone
M. Beaulieu
M.N. Rinn©
J. Leggatt
R. Koster
P. Jasen
G. Munro
H. Smith
A. Carastathis
S.S. Islam
D. Jobin-Bevans
G. Colton
R. Berg
M. Nisenholt
R. Warburton
P. Wakewich
G. Siddall
Orillia Campus
A. den Otter
H. Fung
M. Johnston
D. Ivison
R. Martin
B. Stolar
K. Willison