Faculty Meeting Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008 (All day)
ATAC 5035
Date:               October 6, 2008
To:                  Members, Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities 
From:             Victor Smith, Chair, Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Council
Subject:             COUNCIL MEETING                   
There will be a meeting of the Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
 1.        Approval of Agenda.
 2.        Approval of the September Minutes.   
 3.        Business Arising from the Minutes.
 4.        Registrar's Report.
 5.        Dean's Report.
6.         Departmental Reports.
7.         Orillia Report.
 8.        Other Business.
 9.        Adjournment. 
VICTOR SMITH, Chair, Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Council.
A meeting of the Faculty Council was held on Friday, September 19, 2008 at 12 noon in the ATAC Board Room 5035.
V. Smith welcomed Orillia colleagues and called the meeting to order.
Approval of Agenda
It was moved by P. Jasen and seconded by J. Leggatt that the revised agenda be approved.
Approval of the Minutes
It was moved by M. MacLean and seconded by R. Holmes that the minutes of May 6th be approved.
Business Arising from the Minutes
There was none.
Introduction of New Colleagues
G. Siddall introduced S. Viitala as new recording Secretary for Faculty Council and new Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities. She asked the Orillia faculty present to introduce themselves.
Registrar's Report
A. Foshay reported that their office was up-to-date with registration forms. 
BA General
There was discussion about the movement of Psychology courses to the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, and Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and how it is affecting the General BA Program.  M. MacLean also mentioned the Gerontology program as the shifting of academic units affects that program as well.
Enrolment to date is 7,200 students, (includes grad students, Orillia and NOSM), which is about the same as last year.  There was discussion about how Visual Arts students are "claimed" through Education, and that there is a need to be able to get the "true" numbers.  A. Foshay will follow up on how students are counted.
Dean's Report
 1.      Languages - new home after the fire.  Thanks to those who offered space.
 2.      Modular Degree - has reached Senate Budget; the Chair of Senate Budget has contacted me to ask whether changes need to be made to reflect the changes in our Faculty composition.
 3.      General BA and Psychology--students can take only four courses outside of the Social Sciences and Humanities; this is a problem since many Gen BA students take Psychology courses.
 4.      NESSE -representative who is interested to follow up on the data generated about our programs.
 5.      International Relations Committee Representative - Meet once a month; someone with contacts overseas.
 6.      Strategic Research Plan--
1)  The Deans have been asked to establish specific research clusters in order to enhance our identifiable strengths.
2)  All Faculties are being encouraged to designate one coordinator of research to facilitate research activities.
 7.      Class size and offerings--Deans will be asked to ask Chairs what courses they want to offer and why.
 8.      New ad campaign for the university--"I will think for myself"
 9.      University Fair--next weekend.
10.     Academic Advising--I would like to set up a meeting with Chairs and Academic Advising--could be next Council meeting.
Departmental Reports
Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Tourism - Request for Calendar Changes
It was moved by B. Cuthbertson and seconded by H. Smith that the proposed graduate calendar change as it relates to Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism be approved.
It was moved by B. Cuthbertson and seconded by M. Richardson that the proposed undergraduate calendar change as it relates to Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism, (Concurrent Degree with Education), be approved.
D. McPherson pointed out that the university calendar lists "Native Studies" as a teachable, but that the University does not offer Native Studies, but rather Indigenous Learning.  G. Siddall said she would follow up with the Dean of Education.
Political Science - Appointment of Adjunct Professor
It was moved by S. Islam and seconded by G. Munro that K. Cleghorn be approved as an External Adjunct Professor in the Department of Political Science.
Sociology - Request for Calendar Change
It was moved by S.D. Stone and seconded by H. Smith that Religious Studies 3503 YA be changed from a full-year course into a half-year course.
Orillia Report
A. den Otter reported that the student enrolment had increased this year.  There are now 22 full-time faculty with a total number of 35, 14 of which are in Social Sciences and Humanities. The total number of FCE's taught is now 79. Orillia is in the process of planning a program on the Environment.  Anyone interested or has ideas is asked to submit them to this committee.  The plan should be in place by November and will be circulated to all members.  The committee requires feedback on all programs and this can be sent directly to G. Siddall.
Other Business
Audio/Visual Resources
S. Stone raised the issue of how difficult it is to get videos on DVD's to show in class.  You used to be able to call Tom Austin and he would do it.  There is currently no way on campus to rent videos.  Discussion followed about site licences and copyright agreements, and the need to identify a unit on campus to take the role of administering use of copyrighted A/V materials.
Contract Lecturer Office Space
R. Berg raised a concern about office space for two of his Contract Lecturers.  This seems to be an ongoing problem and wanted to know if anyone else was in a similar situation.  There was a suggestion about using office space left vacant by faculty members on sabbatical or other types of leaves.  G. Siddall indicated that she was pursuing the issue with the Space Committee.
The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.
Thunder Bay Campus
M. Beaulieu 
R. Berg
A. Carastathis
G. Colton
A. Foshay
R. Holmes
S. Islam
D. Ivison
P. Jason
R. Koster
J. Leggatt
H. Lemelin
M. MacLean
D. McPherson
M. Nisenholt
G. Munro
J.M. Richardson
Dr. V. Schonberger
G. Siddall
H. Smith
V. Smith
B. Stolar
S.D. Stone
Orillia Campus
A. den Otter
L. Clement
H. Fung
K. Willison
D. Jobin-Bevans
R. Martin
J. Blahuta