Congratulations to Dr. Puddephatt on his three recent publications.

Puddephatt, Antony. 2013. "Finding G.H. Mead's Social Ontology in his Engagement with Key Intellectual Influences," pp 93-109 in Jacqueline Low and Gary Bowden (eds.) The Chicago School Diaspora: Epistemology and Substance. McGill-Queens University Press. 
Puddephatt, Antony. 2013. "Toward a Radical Interactionist Account of Science," Studies in Symbolic Interaction, 41: 53-82.
Puddephatt, Antony and Gary Alan Fine. 2013. "Chess as Art, Science and Sport," pp 390-404 in B. Carrington and D. Andrews (eds.) A Companion to Sport. Blackwell Press.

Keynote Speaker Walking in the Light Professor Chahal

Walid Chahal was keynote speaker at Matawa's Walking in the Light symposium, which was held after the walk on Tues., Oct. 18, 2016. He spoke on problematizing racism in Thunder Bay. Matawa consists of nine self-governing First Nations communities on their sovereign territories in the north who, as noted on their Unity Declaration, are connected through language, culture, social, and economic interests. Click here to watch the video or read the transcript of the speech.


Asserting citizenship: Muslim women's experiences with the hijab in Canada

In Canada, hijab wearing Muslim women have increasingly faced discrimination in the post 9–11 era. In this study, we investigate Muslim women's experiences with the hijab and how they are viewed as the “other” in a multicultural country like Canada. Interviews were conducted with twenty-six Muslim women who describe their experiences with the hijab. The study focuses on how the hijab is perceived in public and how experiences with discrimination have motivated Muslim women to reclaim their voices in a space that perceives Muslim women to be oppressed. Thematic network analysis of the data revealed three central themes: religiosity, societal prejudice and internal struggle. Discrimination was experienced by all participants and internal struggles resulted in resolution techniques that helped in mitigating negative experiences.

  • The study investigates why Muslim women veil in Canada, how they face discrimination, and how experiences have shaped their views on the hijab.
  • Societal racism and the perception of the self were found to be dominating factors in how Muslim women described the hijab.
  • Muslim women face several stereotypes and are active in eradicating misconceptions about Muslim women.

Learn more here

Congratulations to Dalibor Misina - Beyond Nostalgia

Congratulations to Dalibor Misina for his recently published article, "Beyond Nostalgia: Extrospective Introspections" of the Post-Yugoslav Memory of Socialism," published in Canadian and American Slavic Studies, 50(3): 332-354. You can find this paper here


Congratulations to Dr. Barbara Parker - SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Barbara Parker, Co-applicant, on a recently awarded SSHRC Insight Development Grant (2016-2018) titled: 

“A Community History of Colonialism, Health Care, and First Nations in Northwestern Ontario: From the Sioux Lookout Indian Hospital to the Meno Ya Win Health Centre” ($61,052).