Indigenous Learning Students

The Indigenous Learning Program attracts a wide cross section of students, many of whom come to Lakehead University specifically for the Indigenous Learning Program. Although the majority of students enrolled in the program or Indigenous Learning courses are from Northwestern Ontario communities such as Thunder Bay, Dryden, Eagle Lake, Whitefish Bay or Pic Mobert, the program also attracts students from Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Montreal, as well as international students from the United States, Saudi Arabia and Norway. Because of the experiential learning basis of the program, the diversity of the student population helps to provide for a broadly based classroom experience.

The Indigenous Learning program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to not only appreciate and respect the circumstances of Aboriginal Peoples but also to successfully participate in both the aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community. Armed with analytical skills that come from survey construction, census analysis, archival research and the perusal of government records and combined with appreciation and an understanding of the Aboriginal Community, Indigenous Learning students are well suited to confront the realities of a post-university life. Whether through employment in fields such as Human Services, Health Care or Education or through graduate work at the Master's and eventually the Ph.D. level, Indigenous Learning students have successfully utilized the skills acquired through the program.