Undergraduate Honours Thesis, 1990-present

Since 1965, Honours History students have the option of completing an honours thesis as part of their program requirements. Over the last five decades, dozens of research projects have covered a wide variety of topics. Many of the titles listed below are available in the Chancellor Norman M. Paterson Library and by contacting the Department of History main office (346-7725). We update the listing as new information becomes available.

Laura Polcyn
"The Economics of Independence: The National Democratic Economic Program, 1919-1939"
Steven Jobbitt
Branden Trochymchuk
"The Fascist, Before Fascism: Revisiting the Works of Giovanni Gentile in Constructing Fascism, Critical Lessons and Insights
Steven Jobbitt
Sara Wills
"Constructing Citizenship and Nationhood: The Influence of Whiteness on Canadian Society, 1911-1925"
Kristin Burnett
Elizabeth Gagnon
"Images of Women and Work in Chatelaine Magazine from 1950-1969"
Kristin Burnett
Julie Follis
"White Men's Failure in the Far Corners of the British Empire: The Maintenance of British Ideals in the Colonization of British Columbia and Kenya"
Kristin Burnett
Gabriel Harpelle
"Anarchy in Quebec: A Survey of the Anarchist Movement, 1864-1960"
Michel S. Beaulieu
Julie Bray
"The Use of Gender in the Creation of the Ideal Fascist Man in Italy and Germany: 1930-1940"
Geoff Read
Micah Goldstein
 "The Mossadegh Coup and Suez: The Iran Coup as a Cause of Soviet Support for Egypt's Nationalization of the Suez Canal Company"
Jean-Yves Bernard
Whitney Wood
"British Bodies and the Rise of Anatomical Science in the Early-Nineteenth Century"
Patricia Jasen
Briana Broderick
"The De-Anglicization of Ireland and the Celtic Revival: 1893-1915"
Patricia Jasen
Michael DiFrancesco,  Jr.
"Masculinity and Welfare Policy in 1930s Ontario"
Jane Nicholas
Cameron Willis
"A Comparison of British Attitudes Towards the Inhabitants of Quebec and Bengal Between c. 1760 and 1784"
Rhonda Barlow
"Winning the Peace: Virginia's Western Land Cession"
Victor Smith
Derek Noyes
"Stubborn as the Soil: The persistence of Environmental Determinist Theory From the Ancient Greeks to Modern America"
Victor Smith
Tom Peotto
"The Sword of Mars: 'Scythian' Influence in Western Europe"
Victor Smith
Christopher L. Bates
"Capitalist Practices in the Fourteenth Century"
Victor Smith
Rhea Black
"Postponing the Inevitable: Conscription and Conscientious Objection in Canada, WWII"
A. Ernest Epp
James L. Cathcart
"Immigration, Radicalism and Reaction: Finns in Northwestern Ontario"
Ronald Harpelle
Ronald A.J. Moller
"A Study of Japanese Immigration and Settlement in British Columbia, 1877-1930"
A. Ernest Epp
Chris Otter
"The Mud and the Blood: Canadians and the Battle of the Scheldt September -- November 1944"
Victor Smith
Kevin Roy
"The History of U.S.-Cuba Relations"
Michel Beaulieu
"The Canadian Feature(less) Film Industry"
Patricia Jasen
Jennifer Gordon
"The Evacuation and Relocation of Japanese North Americans During World War Two: A Comparison"
Victor Smith
Rebecca Mason
"Shaping Their Own Identity: The Challenge to the Victorian Ideal of the Women in the Canadian West, 1880-1920"
A. Ernest Epp
Colleen Sheridan
"The Golden Age of Women and Sport"
Lori Chambers
Jonathan Thompson
"Building Communities: Loyalist Activities in Niagara, between the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812"A. Ernest Epp
Carrie Gibbons
"The Regulation of Sexual Contact: The Hudson's Bay Company and the East India Company Compared"
Helen Smith
Andrew G.L. Hills
"An Historical Analysis of the Changes that Occurred in the Economic and Social Structure of the Two Lakeheads: Thunder Bay and Duluth"
A. Ernest Epp
Liisa Niva
"The Status of Women and the Protestant Reformation: Continued Practices of Subordination and Misogynist Attitudes"
Melissa Reeves
"Chinese Canadian Women and Immigration"
Patricia Jasen
Rebecca Rommell
"The Development of Family Within the Fur Trade"
James Tester
"The Ultramontane Movement in the French Canadian Roman Catholic Church and its Effect Upon the Quebec Government, Educational System and Intellectuals From 1850-1896"
A. Ernest Epp
Jay Albrecht
"The Rise of Provisional Sinn Fein and its Changing Relationship with the Provisional Irish Republican Army in Northern Ireland, 1976-1987"
Victor Smith
Rob Angove
"A Forgotten History: The Role of Women in the Anti-Nazi Resistance"Helen Smith
1998Jason Boeshe"The European Witch-Hunt: Social Control and the Status of Women"Helen Smith
1998Piero Cervi"The Birth of European Coal and Steel Community: A Study of Three Influential Individuals, Konrad Adenauer, Dean Acheson, and Jean Monet"Victor Smith
1998Kristine Dika"Soviet Socialist Realism and the Failure of Creative Artistic License"Ernest Robert Zimmermann
1998John J. Garner"The Issue of Military Conscription in Canada"Bruce Muirhead
1998Chris Holmes"From Guns, To Marx, To Guns: The Development of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) From 1956 to 1970"Patricia Jasen
1998Paul Jasen"Babylon Riddims: Jamaican Diaspora. Cultural Transference and the Music of Rebellion in Post-1945 Great Britain"Ronald Harpelle
1997Sylvia Alves"To What Extent are the Arguments in Support of a Separate Legal System for Natives Both Valid and Realistic in Canada"A. Ernest Epp
1997Tag Atkinson"Cultures of the Sword: A Comparison of Chivalry and Bushido between 1338 and 1638"Victor Smith
1997Mary E. Gastmeier"Plutarch's Life of Antony: A Study in Parallels and Polarities"Helen Smith
1997Kimberley A. Hagarty"Victorian Women and Medical Discourse"Patricia Jasen
1997Tracey Kirsten Hannah"A Study of the Early Conservation Movement in the United States: Changing Concepts of American Democracy"Victor Smith
1997Katrina Kasunich"The Altering of Gender Construction for Women in Canada in the Nineteenth Century"Helen Smith
1997Claire Momot"The Role of Reconnaissance in the Military Actions of the American Civil War"Victor Smith
1997Todd Murray"An Ontario Liberal in the Palace of Westminster: Edward Blake and Irish Politics, 1892-1907"Victor Smith
1997Tammy Orr"The Form and Extent of the Influence of Joan of Arc During the Hundred Years War, In Terms of State, Church and Status of Women"Helen Smith
1997Ingolf Richter"Anicinabe Park: The Press Didn't Know"Victor Smith
1997David Luc Shuh"The Rise of the FLQ and the Invoking of the War Measures Act"A. Ernest Epp
1997Paul Tsekouras"Wilson: a 'Political Idealist'? With Reference to the Underwood Tariff and Federal Reserve Act of 1913"Victor Smith
1996James Bruner"The Cultural Stratum in Eighteenth Century Russia"Ernest Robert Zimmermann
1996Barbara R. Huff"Northern Ontario Relief Camps"A. Ernest Epp
1996Shannon Leahy"The International Monetary Fund's Adjustment Process upon the Third World: A Distortion of Purpose"Bruce Muirhead
1996John A. MacPhail"Good Wombs have Borne Bad Sons: The Development and Demise of the International Monetary Fund"Bruce Muirhead
1996Matthew Miller"Conflict, Cooperation, and Continuity: Anglo-Russian Relations and the Balance of Power Concept in Eastern Europe" 
1996Christopher D.
"Socialism, Industrial Unionism and Communism: Canadian Workers Search for Alternatives"Bruce Muirhead
1996Lana Puumala"The Winter War: A Re-Examination of the Diplomacy Between Russia and Finland, 1938-1941" 
1996Tanya Sampson"'Defender of the Faith': Henry VIII's Role in the English Reformation"Victor Smith
1996Cara J. Yarzab"Even Better than the Real Thing: Authenticity and the Reconstruction of Old Fort William"Patricia Jasen
1995Les Arnone"Those Guys make Too Much Money: Labour Negotiations in the Business of Baseball"Victor Smith
1995Steven J. Boardman"An Historical Perspective on the Amendments to the 1951 Indian Act"Patricia Jasen
1995Edward V. Dalton"Fort Albany to 1763"A. Ernest Epp
1995Tina Davidson"To Make Her A Man: Women in Gnostic Christianity"Helen Smith
1995Randy Dunn"Culloden: The Last Battle"Victor Smith
1995Mary J. Graham"The Loyalist Impact on Canadian Political Culture"A. Ernest Epp
1995Christopher Hersh"Ojibway Medicine: The Use of Plants to Treat Heart Ailments"Patricia Jasen
1994Anne Maria Fisher"Aboriginal Rights of the Innu People: Erosion from Government and Third Party Interests"A. Ernest Epp
1994David J. Harris"A Study of the Reactions to the Report of the 1947 President's Commission on Higher Education"Victor Smith
1994Joel McGrath"Railway Dreams: The Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railway" 
1994R. Paul Nadjiwan"'Indians Who Heard Civilization Call': The Native Veteran Experience in the First World War" 
1993Heather Haslam-Smith"Wagner and Anti-Semitism"Patrica Jasen
1993Marc P. Lavoie"Kakabeka Falls: The Origins and Early Development of Hydro-electric Power, 1889 to 1906"Victor Smith
1993Roch L. Letourneau"Continuity and Change, Religious and Secular at the Lakehead ; 1849-1906"Victor Smith
1993Maureen D. McCabe"Was the Invocation of the War Measures Act (Canadian October Crisis of 1970) an Effective Response Consistent with the Dangers of the Time?" 
1993Michael A. McGuire"The October Crisis 1970 : Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the Federal Government's Attempt to Quash Separatism in Quebec"Patricia Jasen
1993Geno Padovese"Alcohol, Law Enforcement and the Fort William Band, 1874-1902"Patricia Jasen
1993Gerald Gordon Ross"German-Soviet Relations, 1922-1939: A Study in Realpolitik"Ernest Robert Zimmermann
1993Brian Walmark   "Alexander Morris and the Saulteaux: The Context and Making of Treaty Three, 1869-73"Bruce Muirhead
1992Timothy Chorney"The National Film Board's Portrayal of Stalinist Russia"Patricia Jasen
1992Kelly Hall"The Sweet Smell of Success: A Study of the Origins and Development of the Pulp and Paper Industry in Dryden, Ontario"Victor Smith
1992Robert F. Jahn"Nunavut, Our Land will finally be ours...again: a brief history of the eastern Arctic Inuit and their struggle for self-government"William R. Morrison
1991David Leo Black"The Historiography of the Fur Trade"A. Ernest Epp
1991Gillian E. Bracking"The Terrible Beauty: The Growth of Radicalism in Ireland, 1900-1921"Victor Smith
1991Margaret Frenette"With the Utmost Cheerfulness: Ojibwa and Cree Women of the Fur Trade's Little North"A. Ernest Epp
1991Sandra Goodick"'Wolverines': National and Local Perspectives on Women's Employment during the Second World War"Helen Smith
1991Andrew J. Hacquoil"The British Connection as a Major Factor in the Eventual Downfall of Sir Wilfrid Laurier"Bruce Muirhead
1991Eileen E. Pope"The Validity of a Cultural Myth: The Upper Canadian Environment: Early Nineteenth Century British Emigrant Realities and Late Twentieth Century Perceptions"Patricia Jasen