Spring & Summer Courses 2019

Listed are the courses the department will be offering at Thunder Bay, Orillia, and Online during the upcoming spring and summer terms. Orillia courses are indicated with an "O" after the term. [Please note all courses subject to curriculum changes and final budget approvals.]

HIST 2312 SDE: Canada to 1885 (WEB)
27 May to 14 June
A broad survey of Canadian history before 1885 exploring political, military, economic, cultural, and social themes. Specific topics to be examined can include Indigenous societies before and after European contact, the fur trade, imperial wars in the eighteenth century, British colonial governance, business and industrial expansion in the nineteenth century, Confederation, and the Red River and North-West Rebellions.
Instructor: Mrs. Beverly Soloway

HIST 3732 ADE: History of Medicine1800-1950 (Web)
2 July to 23 July
An introduction to the history of modern medicine in the context of social, political, economic and cultural developments in the Western world during the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Instructor: Dr. Rafaela Jobbitt

HIST 3311 ADE: The American Impact on Canada (Web)
25 July to August 16
An investigation in an historical context of the relationship between Canada and the United States, emphasizing the economic, social, and cultural aspects of this relationship.
Instructor: Dr. David Ratz

RELI 2715 ADE: Special Topic - Introduction to Islam (WEB)
2 July to 23 July
An overview of the historical development, beliefs, and practice of the living traditions of Islam. Structured on the "Pillars" of Islam, the material is organized into five sections: central belief, daily practice, communal and political ethics, sacred narrative, and sacred geography.
Instructor: Dr. Brian Dunn


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