Undergraduate Honours Thesis, 1965-1989

Since 1965, Honours History students have had the option of completing an honours thesis as part of their program requirements. Over the last five decades, dozens of research projects have covered a wide variety of topics. Many of the titles listed below are available in the Chancellor Norman M. Paterson Library and by contacting the Department of History main office (346-7725). We update the listing as new information becomes available.

1989David Edward Achtenberg"Struggle to Survive: Separate Schools at the Lakehead up to 1939"
1989David Karl Ratz"The 96th Lake Superior Regiment in Aid of the Civil Power, 1909 and 1912"
1989Adele Vaillant"The Peer and the Profit Makers: The Conflict between Lord Selkirk and the North West Company over the Establishment of the Red River Settlement"V.C Smith
1989Gary S. Warwick"The Issue of Nazi War Criminals in Canada "
E.R. Zimmermann
 Gillian Eames"Was the Decline in the Lake Superior District and Its Inability to Develop during the Nineteenth Century due to a Deliberate Policy of Neglect by the Hudson's Bay Company?"
B.W. Muirhead
 Bruce E. Burke"American Aid to China, 1938-1941" 
 Anna Visy"British Columbia's Fear of the Japanese 1896-1941"
M.E. Arthur
 Thomas E. Scott"Canada's Position and Participation in the Early Development of the International Monetary Fund, 1940-1943"
A.E. Epp
1984Donna Lynne Brinkworth"The Nor'westers Influence in the Establishment of the International Boundary between Great Britain and the United States from Lake Superior to the Lake of the Woods 1765-1842"M.E. Arthur
1984Ruth E. Hagglund "Building a Home in Fort William: The Origins and Development of the John Hagglund Lumber and Fuel Company"V.C. Smith
1981Mary Veltri"Labour Radicalism among Finnish Bushworkers at the Lakehead, 1916-1936"A.E. Epp
1980Elinor Barr"The Frontier as Experienced on the Pre-Cambrian Shield: A study of Ignace, Ontario from 1883 to 1908"M.E. Arthur
1980John Fell"A Study of Junior and Senior Hockey at the Lakehead, 1948-75" 
1979William R. Graham"The Good Samaritans: The Salvation Army in the Lakehead, 1893-1917"M.E. Arthur
1979Helen E.H. Smith"Dr. Samuel Johnson's View of the Eighteenth-Century English Upper Classes"T.B. Miller
1977James Robert McVittie"Pressure groups at the municipal level: the case of the Thunder Bay Arts Complex Inc." 
1976Jeanette Neil"The Red River Rebellion: The Closing of an Empire 
1976Lee Sutherland"Louis Blanc: The Theorist Confronts Practical Politics" 
1975Mark Chochla"Building a City Beautiful : Port Arthur, 1888 to 1914" 
1975Max Guennel"Port Arthur Views Progress, 1910-1913"M.E. Arthur
1975Christine Kouhi"Finnish Immigrants in Thunder Bay, 1876-1914"J.D. Wilson
1975Kam-Yau Law"The Question of Germany's Entry into the League of Nations, January-March, 1926"J.D. Wilson
1974M. S. Guerard"The Treatment of Woodrow Wilson's Domestic and Foreign Role, 1913-1917"V.C. Smith
1974J. Agnew Johnston"The Presbyterian Church and Immigration: The Thrust of the Presbyterian Church in Canada among Ukrainian and Chinese Immigrants prior to 1925" 
1974John Love"The Public Health Movement in Port Arthur, 1873-1902"J.D. Wilson
1974Chak-Chiu Tai"Anglo-French Relations, 1920-1923"J.D. Wilson
1973Carlana Bartlett"Early Mormon settlement in Alberta"J.D. Wilson
1973Geoffrey T. Chada"The Canadian response to Rhodesian UDI: a study of policies and attitudes concerning Rhodesian UDI, 1965-1971"T.B. Miller
1973John S.N. Chan"The causes of the Spanish-American War of 1898: seventy-three years of historiography in American history"V.C. Smith
1973Antonio Pucci"British diplomacy with Fascist Italy, 1935-1939"T.B. Miller
1972Noreen P. Gay"The Free Press coverage of Separate Schools, 1905: simply the party line"M.E. Arthur
1972Marina-Rose Kesmarky"A study of the primary cause of the conflict which lead to the rebellion in Upper Canada in 1837 - a clash of value-systems"M.E. Arthur
1972Marvin MacDonaldAn assessment of the life, character and accomplishments of Nero, Emperor of Rome"A.H. Mamoojee
1972Robert L. Affleck"Canada at the Paris Peace Conference" 
1972Terence F. Dashcavich"Britain's second Labour government and Anglo-Soviet relations, 1929-1931" 
1971Susan Campbell"The reactionary coalition: Louis Joseph Papineau and L'Avenir, 1847-1849"M.E. Arthur
1970Wayne Marostica"The success of the governors Craig and Prevost in the defence of Lower Canada, 1807-1815"M.E. Arthur
1970Robert Orr"Population at the Canadian Lakehead from 1901 to 1961: an analysis of patterns and trends" 
1970Harold Mickelson"Bishop Mountain's struggle to establish the Church of England in Lower Canada" 
1969D.W. Delgaty"An examination of the historical writing on Sir George Simpson and the Hudson's Bay Company, 1821-40"M.E. Arthur
1969Robert D. Ekholm"Le Canadien and its proprietors, 1806-1810: the vanguard of French Canadian nationalism"M.E. Arthur
1969Donald Mayhew"Annexationism in British Columbia, 1866-1871" 
1969Carl W. Rogers"An analysis of the historiography of the fur trade in Canada" 
1969Armin R.Weber"Selected historiographic interpretations of the role of Bethmann Hollweg in German history" 
1968Anthony A. Brink"The Catholic Separate School controversy of Upper Canada" 
1968William Gartrell"A history of the Canada First movement" 
1968Gerald K. Kishi"Victoria and New Westminster: a British Columbia rivalry, 1859-1868" 
1968Bernard T. Skula"The decline of Canadian shipping on the lower Great Lakes, 1850-1870" 
1967William A.D. Hay"William Aberhart's contribution to the rise and election of the Social Credit movement in Alberta"M.E. Arthur and T.B. Miller
1967Gary Gilbert Kaukinen"A study of the biographies by R. M. Dawson, H. B. Neatby and R. Graham of Mackenzie King and Arthur Meighen in the period 1920-1926"M.E. Arthur and T.B. Miller
1967John Potestio"The Progressive Political Movement, 1921-1926"M.E. Arthur and T.B. Miller
1967Gary M. Tocheri"Henry Wise Wood and the United Farmers of Alberta, 1908-1925"M.E. Arthur and T.B. Miller
1966Joan Kleinendorst"Canada's relations with Japan, 1896-1911"M.E. Arthur and T.B. Miller
1966Constantine J. Tsekouras"The reciprocity agreement of 1911: an economic bridge or a political wedge; an evaluation based on contemporary sources and arguments through historical objectivity"M.E. Arthur and T.B. Miller
1965R.H. Piovesana"Commercial union and unrestricted reciprocity, 1887-1893; a study in Canadian-American relations"M.E. Arthur and T.B. Miller