2021-22 History Course Offerings

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The Official University Timetable must be consulted and used in seeking registration for courses.

Course descriptions are in the University Calendar, undergraduate courses; graduate courses; NOTE: official University Calendar courses are not offered in their totality annually as a rotation of courses follows the timetable for academic planning. 
Course descriptions for special topics, themes, and issues go to page here.
Instructor information is linked through their names. Visit the current University Course Timetable for verification of courses now offered for registration.


First Year Courses

History 1100 The Making of the Modern World is offered on both campuses, Thunder Bay and Orillia; it is also offered online as a distance education web course.

Second Year Courses; Third Year Courses; Fourth Year Courses

The Department of History offers a variety of courses at years 2 through 4 to complete your academic pathway. Please consult the current university timetable for the current academic year offerings. NOTE: courses listed in the official Lakehead University Calendar are a complete listing of courses but are not always offered in a particular year, consult the current timetable.

Graduate Seminars (Only Thunder Bay campus)

See University timetable; individual reading courses complete your studies in our Masters program, please contact the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Michael Stevenson