Computer Science

Message from the Chair:
This is a time of growth for our Department. We are starting the second year with our recently updated programs. Our Business Focus provides a path to the entrepreneurship certificate offered by our Faculty of Business and our Science Focus allows an extensive choice of electives from the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies. Read More...

What's New?

Computer Science Electives Empowerment: We have designed our programs to allow more flexibility in the choice of electives as well as the flexibility of adding new electives by faculty members (e.g . Robotics, Programming the Internet of Things, Introduction to Data Science, Big Data, Game Programming).  We also have added courses to engage students with faculty research like COMP4479 Directed Research and Special Topics courses (e.g. COMP3213, COMP4210, COMP5411 and COMP5413) as well as reading courses like (COMP5435 and COMP5437). Undergraduate students based on this elective structuring and empowerment can choose between two options (Computer Science with Business or Pure Computer Science). Moreover, students taking the pure Computer Science can further enrich their degree with one of the two specializations (Game Programming and Health Informatics). However, graduate students also enjoy the flexibility to choose between doing a one year course based Master program or undertaking some research as directed by our faculties through the Project option or to choose the thesis route where they can further enrich it with Specialization in AI. 

Focus on EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Our focus on cooperative education that is a highly immersive form of experiential learning. Our curriculum is designed to enable students to apply, refine, and extend their classroom learning in a community/industry context outside program and, with the experience gained in the community/industry context, to refine and extend their learning in the classroom not only in the cooperative education course but also in subsequent courses. At the undergrad program we allow students to take several co-op courses (e.g. COMP2990, COMP3990, COMP3992, COMP4990 and COMP4992). At the graduate level we allow students to take two co-op courses (COMP5990 and COMP5991). We are very proud that our long experience along with the help of our university co-op department, we managed to have several important IT employers including notable companies like IBM as well as a variety of governmental and private companies to employ our students. 


Our Future Plans 

Future Plans: Our future plans are plentiful as we are enjoying recruiting top students (domestic and international) that reach our top capacity as well as recruiting distinguished faculties. We are very proud that Maclean's magazine ranked us as the best computer science programs in Canada’s for 2021 and the best in student retention in 2024:


We are building on our hard work and the performance as well as the trust of our students. Our Todo list includes the followings:

(1)               Accrediting all our programs under CIPS (The Canadian Information Processing Society)

(2)               Introducing New Programs at our Orillia Campus

(3)               Restructuring our Business Option to comply with the new trend of Data Analytics and FinTech

(4)               Adding specialized computer laboratories.





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