Achievement Program

"The Achievement Program will open doors for students throughout Northwestern Ontario who face major barriers to a university education. This program is about more than the money. It's about changing attitudes and expectations. It's about giving young people, especially Aboriginal youth, the opportunity to realize their dream."

Brian J.R. Stevenson, PhD
President & Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Brian Stevenson

The Achievement Program encourages students to believe in their highest potential in postsecondary education and to support their journey.

This program is Lakehead University’s commitment to supporting access to postsecondary education by providing an opportunity to potential future students who experience socioeconomic barriers to obtaining higher education.

Participants are enrolled in grade 4, and continue with the program until grade 12, with annual opportunities to earn tuition dollars by completing specific requirements at their school, at Lakehead University, and in the community. At the end of those 9 years, the accrued tuition dollars will fund each participant’s first year at Lakehead University.

By encouraging academic, recreational and social engagement, school and family-based support systems, and a familiarity with Lakehead University at an early age, students will perceive postsecondary education as achievable and accessible.