Achievement Program

Dr. Brian Stevenson

Youth Achievement Outreach Program

This program provides students, beginning in grade 4, with regular, long-term, personal connection with Lakehead. Through agreements with community partners, and school districts, Lakehead will either develop or support programs that increase the awareness that university can be a part of each student's future. Students enrolled in the Achievement Program will be encouraged to be connected to their school, community and Lakehead University. Participation in these programs will contribute to the development of tuition credits for students, through the Youth Achievement Fund. Lakehead will have a real presence in the lives of children and families.

Youth Achievement Fund

First Nation, Metis, Inuit and children facing barriers to higher education across schools in Northern Ontario, starting in grade 4, can earn Tuition Credits by passing their current grade and participating in Youth Achievement Outreach Programs.

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Adult Achievement Fund

Adult learners can get the financial boost they need to attend Lakehead University through a Transition Bursary. Funding in the form of a Transition Bursary is available for start up costs such as transportation, rent, utilities, etc. to those who are eligible. The Transition Bursary is available for first year students enrolling in an undergraduate degree program and who meet all eligibility requirements.