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Supporting your international goals

Lakehead University recognizes the need for staff and faculty to be prepared when travelling to ensure they have the necessary cross-cultural competencies to go abroad. When your academic and research activities extend beyond Canada's borders, the Global Engagement team provides the resources you need.

  • Learn about Lakehead's current international agreements
  • Seek assistance with hosting international visitors and delegations to Lakehead
  • Research funding opportunities available to Lakehead faculty and staff
  • Advise on various cross-cultural matters, including culturally appropriate gifts, forms or address and country–specific recommendations

Lakehead Faculty & Staff Testimonials

Dr. Wing Him Yeung
Rennes School of Business, France

I was very glad that I was given the opportunity to represent Lakehead University and attend the International Staff Week hosted by Rennes School of Business, the partner institution of our first-ever international dual degree at Lakehead University. As a professor, while I had participated in International Guest Professor programs in Finland and Germany before, this was the first time I attended an event focusing on sharing experience related to international mobility, in which I found very value-adding and interesting. I was able to visit the campus of Rennes School of Business, the city of Rennes, as well as the nearby attractions (Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel). This allows me to provide better information to our prospective international dual degree students, especially when it comes to promoting events and information sessions about the international dual degree. Through the International Staff Week, I also learned many new things about international mobility, best practices for managing culture shocks, and how to better prepare outbound students for exchanges and welcome inbound students. This definitely helps me, especially with the expected increase in international student and exchange student enrolment given all the new and ongoing efforts in building transfer credit agreements, international pathways, and international dual degrees.

Dr. Wing Him Yeung
Pforzheim University, Germany

PforzheimThe visit was amazing and an extremely valuable experience for me. I was very glad that the visit was possible after about two years of COVID-19 travel restrictions. I was able to visit the campus in-person and meet some of Hochschule Pforzheim’s faculty members and students, as well as a couple of other international guest professors. While I was there, I also initiated a discussion about a potential international dual degree between Hochschule Pforzheim and Lakehead University, and I am hoping that the discussion will continue and eventually lead to additional forms of collaborations between the two institutions. Through the visit, the meetings, and the teaching, I was able to learn a lot about the German education system and German culture, as well as to visit the city of Pforzheim and a few other nearby cities. I also visited the Black Forest region of Germany, which was truly beautiful. Moreover, I enjoyed visiting their historical buildings and their old towns. I would definitely visit Hochschule Pforzheim again if I were given another opportunity to do so in the future.

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