Joel Douglas

Joel Douglas Biesenthal

Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science (General)
Thunder Bay, ON

I chose Lakehead University because it is geographically situated in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Canada and offers a variety of programs that connect Northern Ontario to the rest of the world.

Lakehead gave me the necessary skills and opportunities to grow in my career as an educator for the past 15 years.  Teaching is a vocation for me and as a life long-learner, I came back to Lakehead to complete my Masters under the direction of Dr. Connie Russell with a focus on Environmental Education.  My current work involves finding ways to get adolescents to connect with nature and spend ‘time in place’.  I believe this is important in developing children into adults that may advocate for the environment. 

During my Masters, I was really inspired by the variety of professors and what each of them had to offer. The unique program offered me intellectually stimulating experiences in the classroom as well as opportunities to create and test outdoor education modules, which I continue to use in my role as a teacher.