Greg Sanders

Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies
Shedden, ON

Growing up I had always enjoyed the outdoors and decided I would choose an environmental program for my post-secondary education. After researching several programs and schools I decided on Lakehead University’s Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies (HBES) with a major in forest conservation and a minor in geography. I felt this program was in line with where I wanted my future career to take me. I was able to choose elective courses suited to my goals allowing me to tailor my degree to include several wildlife classes. I found the small class sizes to be a big positive as it allows for a unique degree of accessibility to professors helping to enrich the learning environment. In addition, it allowed for strong relationships between students to develop. I still have personal and professional relationships with some of the people I met at Lakehead today. I graduated Lakehead University in 2009 and moved to Alberta were I quickly found work as a wildlife ecologist. With my education and work experience I obtained my Professional Biologist Designation with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB). When the opportunity arose in 2014 I partnered with two colleagues to form our own environmental consulting company, Omnia Ecological Services ( Today I work completing wildlife/vegetation inventories, impact assessments, monitoring programs and telemetry research/sales. Lakehead University helped lay the foundation for my future success.