Clarissa Mahnkopf

Honours Bachelor of Arts & Science, Bachelor of Education
Pefferlaw, ON

I chose to attend Lakehead University for many reasons; the first being that the facility is fairly new, which I really appreciate as many other Universities can seem dark and grungy due to the old architecture. I also, love Lakehead because of its small community like feel, and because of the smaller class sizes I was able to make better connections with my professors, and friends. This allowed me to feel more at home sooner than I would have thought I would. And lastly I chose Lakehead University because of its close proximity to my hometown, and family.

I appreciate that the classes at Lakehead University although are small, offer the ability to make stronger connections with ones professors. As a result, one can achieve higher grades because one is able to get to know the professors and learn what each professor expects, thus, making it easier to perform well, and receive the grads desired. I value aspects of Lakehead's student life because, at Lakehead there is always something to do, always something to get involved in, always an opportunity for anyone to take part in. Lakehead holds various events throughout the year, such as different retreats, organized events, such as laser tag, or dances, which make Lakehead student life always exciting and interesting.

When I entered Lakehead University, I did not know anyone who went there, so I quickly tried to involve myself in as many different orientation activities as I could. I strongly recommend any prospective student to take part in orientation, because that is where I met my best friends. Through the activities the orientation leaders plan, the free time students are given, just hanging out in the cafeteria, and attending residence events, my first year flew by, and I made friends with people that I know I will best friends with for the rest of my life. I would also recommend getting involved in any possible activities through the school, by doing this it allowed me to build up my confidence on campus, and I became recognized by some of my professors and other students. I learned a lot this past year both in and outside the classroom and would not change anything about my experience. Lastly, I encourage everyone to try and find an on campus job, as this allows one to both attend school and work at the same place. I work at the Lakehead University library and love it, any work-study job that suits ones talents and abilities I strongly suggest one try.

My favourite class this past year was Literature in English after 1750 with Dr. Linda Rodenburg, this was a very interesting class to me and I appreciated Dr.Rodenburg's teaching style. She is a very pleasant professor and I thoroughly enjoyed the material and the overall class.