Corey Anderson

Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation
Thunder Bay, ON

I initially became involved with this course as a step to furthering my goal of becoming a global citizen with a diverse travel and education background. That is also one of the many reasons why I came into the Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism program as a whole. The battlefield tourism trip specifically, was an incredible experience, which not only allowed us to glimpse the beginnings of Canada’s true independence, but to experience the trial by fire that it was. When joining the course, I knew I was going to learn a lot, and be privy to a wealth of education, which is only available beyond the walls of the traditional lecture hall. Beyond this, I was also looking into some personal research about Aboriginal Canadian representation and achievements in relation to the wars. Closely related to that, I also had the fortune of being able to search for past connections with my great uncles, grandfathers, and a great aunt who were involved in various military operations, but had the good fortune to return home. 

It is only when you are standing at the sites and the many memorials and ceremonies that I think a person truly experiences what had occurred throughout the course of the World Wars. It’s one thing to read books or watch movies, but to be there, standing on war torn ground, or on the beaches where our soldiers fought and died to ensure we have the rights and freedoms we do.  

I am original from Thunder Bay, but I’ve always chased the freedom in adventure. I would recommend this trip to anyone. It was an opportunity to be seized, and I am grateful to have been able to do it.