Kelsey Pennanen

Honours Bachelor of Science in Geoarchaeology
Dryden, ON

I am so thankful that I chose Lakehead University because of the amazing opportunities that I have been presented with through the school.  This summer I had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy and also had the chance to study and work on archaeological excavations of an ancient Roman villa in Southern Italy.

The school I attended in Cortona was actually a Paleontology course (although the town I studied in is Etruscan), and the archaeological excavation that I am working on right now is in Southern Italy, and we are excavating an ancient Roman villa from the Imperial Age, with a Lucanian age farmhouse below it.

Travelling abroad has opened my horizons to endless possibilities. I have experienced so many new and interesting cultures while travelling.  I have also met amazing people from all over the world with all different backgrounds and with whom I share similar interests.  I absolutely love learning about something in the classroom and then going out in the field and witnessing it firsthand, being able to hold the tangible evidence of the history of a place is an indescribable feeling.  It is amazing to be able to uncover pieces of the past and then use them to help get a better understanding of our history.

I have two years left of my undergrad at Lakehead, after which I plan on continuing my education to receive my Masters, as well as my PhD. I hope to work on more archaeological digs in the future and continue research in this field, eventually I plan in teaching at the university level.

At Lakehead you are provided with the ability to have interactions with your professors and form relationships with them, this therefore allows students more opportunities to get involved in research at the school and learn about the many programs offered at the University, such as the Anthropology Association.  It was also through Lakehead's close relationships with other institutions, such as the Italian Society of Thunder Bay and the University of Alberta, that these opportunities were made possible.