Jocelin standing next to Prince Charles

Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry 
London, ON

Inaugural recipient of the Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry (2013)

I graduated from Lakehead in 2011 with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the faculty of Natural Resources Management. The small class sizes allowed my faculty to guide me through valuable hands-on and academic training, developing skills, which I would directly apply in my future jobs. Forestry and forest management is both a science and an art, and covers an incredibly broad spectrum of work within Canada's natural environments. As a student, I had a wide variety of summer jobs ranging from breeding bird surveys in southern Ontario, to industrial forestry work in northeastern British Columbia. The experience I gained through my four years at Lakehead gave me confidence in my skills and knowledge, and I had no trouble picking up full-time work after graduation.

From the first year of my program and on, I have always advocated for Lakehead. I was a campus tour guide when I was a student and spent much of my time helping organize and run student events in my faculty. I was honoured to be voted in as the President of the Lakehead University Forestry Association in 2010/2011, and to then speak as Valedictorian for my class at our Ring Ceremony. For me, Lakehead offered an unparalleled sense of community; my peers quickly became both colleagues and family and I made life-long friends.

Today, I live and work on Vancouver Island based out of Campbell River, British Columbia. Through my consulting work I have been able to explore many of the islands and inlets of the West Coast, including Haida Gwaii. 

As a result of my volunteer activity, consulting, and professional development on the west coast, I was fortunate enough to receive the the first-ever Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry from the Canadian Institute of Forestry in 2013. 

My time at Lakehead still makes a difference in my work every day, and I am proud to say where I came from.