Honours Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and History) - Thunder Bay - As my hometown university, I knew Lakehead was a great school even before I attended, and my four years at Lakehead reinforced my opinion. My professors knew me by name, and were always willing to meet with me to talk about assignments, concepts we had learned in class, or my plans for the future.

The time I spent at Lakehead prepared me to work in both of my academic fields during my undergraduate studies, become engaged in historical research for Gillies Township and working with the Ontario Justice Education Network on justice education projects in Thunder Bay. Lakehead also prepared me to pursue a career in law once my undergraduate was completed, and thanks to the excellent preparation I received at Lakehead I was accepted to a number of law schools, and was able to have a say in what region of the country in which I would pursue my legal education. 

I also had the opportunity to enjoy participating in sports at my time at Lakehead as a member of the men’s club soccer team. Not only did it offer me an opportunity to represent my university and get some much needed recreation during my studies, but it was also a great way to meet people from outside of Thunder Bay on the team that had chosen to attend Lakehead.