Honours Bachelor of Arts & Science (Environmental Sustainability) 
Fergus, ON

What drew me specifically to Lakehead's Orillia campus was the development of the Environmental Sustainability Program and how the program was not one sided; it incorporated sciences and humanities. My favourite classes so far have been Entomology, Biotechnology, and Canadian Forest Plant Species. These are definitely classes that I would have never dreamed of taking, but am certainly glad I did. Although all these classes required a lot of reviewing and studying, the professors were always there to support and assist me along the way. They even came up with funny sayings, acronyms, or ways to remember the information, such as "you can tell which trees are black cherry because the bark looks like burnt cornflakes."  

Not only have I enjoyed the fact that the campus itself is small, but I've also really enjoyed that my program is very small. In addition to having been able to get to know my professors personally, I've also been able to build strong relationships with my classmates; making it easier to do group work since the foundation has already been built. 

The combination of the classes I've taken and the people I've met have made my education much more enjoyable and I think I'm walking out with some great friends as well as a broad, encompassing education.