English, Concurrent Education
Thunder Bay, Ontario

"I chose Lakehead for a few reasons. It is located in my hometown of Thunder Bay, which meant I could still see my close friends and family while attending university. I also loved the small class sizes. Smaller class size makes it easier to meet your peers and the professors at Lakehead will know you by name. Everyone at Lakehead is so friendly because the school is more like a community. Going to Lakehead is a choice I will never regret. 

Getting involved at Lakehead is an essential part of the university experience! I am a part of Lakehead LEADers and I am a member of the Lakehead University Dance Team. Lakehead LEADers help run orientation, among other events, and help to make the transition to Lakehead as easy as possible for new students. By being a LEADer, I get to meet so many new people, make new friends and get to learn even more about the university I attend. On the Lakehead Dance Team, I get to dance at the half time shows during our Varsity Men's and Women's basketball games as well as compete in a dance competition at the end of the year. No matter how you get involved at Lakehead, it helps to make the university experience as enjoyable as possible!"