Business of Commerce - Accounting
Thunder Bay, Ontario

"I knew Lakehead University was the place that I would continue my post-secondary education when I found out that the business program was so strong. With the help of current students at the time, I was informed about the successes of previous students in the real world. Students from the program earned so many phenomenal jobs – I thought to myself that I would like to be one of those people one day.

My first day of Financial Accounting, I came to meet one of the most influential people in my life, Camillo Lento. It only took one semester to decide my career path of accounting because he teaches with such compassion and knowledge, more than any lecturer I have ever had. Listening to him teach accounting makes me want to be successful because he really demonstrates the greatness of higher learning and career paths associated to the field. Every lecture is an inspiration to learn, and to be better at all you can be.

Joining the Lakehead University Business Association in my 2nd year at Lakehead was a pivotal experience that shaped who I am today. Being a part of LUBA, opened many doors, not only academically, but also socially. I met so many students, friends and faculty. LUBA gave me the opportunity to be a leader, and help change the lives of others, along with my own."