HBComm, Human Resources Major Graduate
Dryden, Ontario

"I chose Lakehead University for a number of reasons. I am originally from Dryden, a 3 hour drive away from Thunder Bay so going to Lakehead allowed me to remain close enough to home that I could go home on the weekends if I wanted to. Because Lakehead is a smaller university, I like the idea of smaller class sizes, the personable atmosphere and the chance to get to know my profs and have one on one time with them which just wouldn't have happened elsewhere.

As a business student, I loved the Honours Bachelor of Commerce program. It is a very team oriented learning experience where I got to work closely with my peers and professors.

My advice to future students is to get involved on-campus. There are so many clubs and academic associations such as the Lakehead University Business Association, aka LUBA, as well as sports and special events to participate in. So get active and be involved to make the most out of your university experience."