Applied Bio-Molecular Science Graduate
Thunder Bay,ON
"I chose to come to Lakehead because it is a good university that offers many opportunities for science students that are not available at other universities. For example Lakehead offers the Ancient DNA internship through the Paleo DNA Laboratory.
LakeheadUniversity is diverse and it has something for everyone. From the study of ancient DNA to an on-campus radio station;it's a small university that lets you establish a good rapport with both students and professors. I think that Applied Bio-molecular Science is a good option for those interested in molecular and forensic science. It exposes students to disciplines and applications of science often overlooked by other programs.
When I am on campus, my friends and I like to spend time in the Study and when it's time to hit the books I like to study on the 4th floor of the library.
Outside of class I am a DJ for LU Radio and I enjoy going for bike rides on the trails close to campus."