Profile Image of Patricia
Applied Bio-Molecular Science Graduate
Thunder Bay, ON
"I chose to come to Lakehead because it is close to home, the class sizes are small, there is a diverse range of programs available and there truly is something for everyone here! Lakehead University faculty, staff and students are very friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere is relaxed,you feel like you are part of a small communityand you receive an education that is diverse and engaging!
The Applied Bio-Molecular Science program here provides students with a great combination of sciences and anthropology. Graduates are given a broad range of career options and I find it very interesting and fun! As a student in this program you are given a lot of opportunities as well.
My favourite hang out on campus would have to be in the Outpost. The environment is very friendly and fun and they have really good food, entertainment and prizes for students! When it comes time to hit the books, I like to study in the library or on the chairs in the Centennial Building.
Outside of class I enjoy working in the Chemistry Labs, working out in the Hangar, dancing and hanging out with my friends."