Electrical Engineering
Brampton, ON
"I picked Lakehead because I heard that the Electrical Engineering program was good and challenging. I have already completed a 3yr college engineering program andwas able totransfer my credits through the College Transfer program to attain my Engineering degree in two years. Lakehead is the right university for me because it is located in Thunder Bay, a smaller city, which has allowed me to get to know more people. Getting from class to class isfast and easy as well! You are also very close to nature and if you are lucky, you might even spot a deer or two!
My favourite hang out would have to be the Outpost or the Study coffeehouse. There's usually something going on, even on the weekends. The best place to study is definitely in the library.
Outside of class I enjoy walking and biking around the City of Thunder Bay. It is really easy to get fromone placeto another and it is a beautiful place to live and explore."