HBA Economics (French Minor)
Sofia, Bulgaria

"As a first year student, I had hesitations about my major, so the most important class for me was Principles of Economics with Dr. Di Matteo and Terri Rizo. After this class I was sure that I wanted to graduate in Economics. I chose to study economics because I enjoy the topic. It is an extremely practical field; it addresses many important and interesting problems in modern society and provides an understanding of how the world works. Moreover, nowadays is maybe the best time to study economics, given current events. My favourite class so far is Health Economics. It is a very interesting topic and Dr. Di Matteo is an excellent professor - very knowledgeable and with unique humor. I also enjoyed Macroeconomics with Dr. Moazzami. That is a complicated class, but the professor teaches in a way you can easily learn, and remember the material. In Lakehead all of the professors keep the students up to date with information, with an accent on contemporary issues; it is very worthwhile to sit in classes.

Outside of economics, I really liked Dr. Driben's Socio-Cultural Anthropology class, great topic and great professor. This class gives you a new perspective and better understanding of the world. You learn more about the cultural variation among humans, and the impact of global economic and political processes on local cultural realities.

Although I usually study at home, the best place to study is the university library. It is nice and quiet, no distractions.

My advice to students: Do not skip lectures. When you go to your lectures you learn more, the professors give you more information, which you sometimes cannot find in the textbook, they explain the most difficult concepts better than any book and it is easier to prepare for the exams."