Civil Engineering
Nairobi, Kenya

"I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and spent most of my childhood there. My immediate family and I came to Canada when I was almost 11 years of age. After attaining my OSSD diploma with the appropriate OAC level credits, I went to George Brown College graduating 3 years later as an Engineering Technologist. I came to Lakehead because of the Engineering transition program, but I stayed because of the close interaction with Profs. Upon coming to Lakehead University I found that Mathematical Skills were important and an "integral" part of becoming an engineer. I proceeded to get a BSc. Math degree and then came back into the engineering department to finish what I'd started.

My best advice to future students is to stay on top of your assignments and manage your time well. When I study it is in the Library or the NOSM Library. When not working I enjoy watching movies, playing chess, and hanging out with my friends at my favourite spot on campus - the Study coffeehouse! If you are looking to accomplish something; come on up, and Lakehead University will help you find your way!"