HBOR with Entrepreneur Certificate
Stittsville, ON

"Without even visiting Thunder Bay, I showed up at the Lakehead Campus for my first day of Orientation week with so many expectations. No one from my hometown was going to Lakehead that year so I was completely on my own. I chose Lakehead because of the Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism (ORPT) program itself. I believe that it is the professors and the content of the lectures and labs that make the program special, not to mention the university environment. ORPT interested me over other similar programs at different universities. Then I spoke to friends and family who had gone to Lakehead and they continued to share stories and traditions that Lakehead carries, unique to any other secondary educational experience. The dog sledding on campus and traditional sweat lodges are things students should take advantage of because those are the things that make Lakehead different.

I love my program; everyone has so much passion and respect for the outdoors! Professors and fellow students appreciate good weather and carry on lectures outdoors on those special days - so refreshing! The content is a great balance between active, outdoor time and study, theory time. The Leadership, Parks and Tourism aspects of the program are clearly defined and contribute to the program in a practical way so students can either specialize or continue to learn about all the areas depending on their goals. The labs are the best part; once I tried skate skiing, I immediately fell in love with the sport and shared it with my family - something I would never have had the chance to if it wasn't for the program (same goes for rock climbing and ice climbing). Plus, the professors are inspiring and motivational; they know me by my first name, my aspirations goals and intentions upon receiving my diploma. Fellow students are all experienced in their own way, since there are so many directions you can go in Outdoor Recreation, there is so much knowledge and talent to be shared amongst one another.

Lakehead is right for me because the university shares the same love and respect for the outdoors as I do. With so many hiking, cross-country skiing, biking, running trails to explore, the time I spend in Thunder Bay never gets dull. Lakehead provides students with the information and opportunity to take advantage of what Thunder Bay has to offer, not only its beautiful landscape but the fresh produce, unique shops, cafes, breakfast destinations and of course the saunas! The campus itself is the perfect size to get from one class to another, back home and then to work. Lakehead University and its students are both so unique to the city of Thunder Bay, it has definitely influenced the person I have become, the people and things I know and the goals I intend to pursue.

My advice to future students is to come to Lakehead with an open mind, no preconceived notions or ideas of people or places. Not only will you become educated in your program of choice but you will be given so much opportunity to develop new hobbies and activities of interest, learning more about yourself and the person you want to be. Take those opportunities, and be aware because the best ones are often the most subtle."